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UGANDA: Uneducated and unemployed youth - a security strategy


CHANGE OF GUARDS - Youth unemployment is a major economic problem in Third World countries and more specifically in black African chronically autocratic governments. The problem is worsened by the fact that these youths are unemployable owing to a deliberate policy to deny them the required educational skills. On top of the deliberate policy of impoverishment and reigning over an ignorant society, autocratic governments breed such youths as a reserve force for their internal and external wars of aggression.

Autocratic governments build their armies not for fighting wars but as a tool of suppressing internal dissent. They use the cover of defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state to swindle public resources through the huge defense budgets. They set minimum education standards in qualifying to join the army which eliminates the uneducated youths. Consequently, the autocratic governments boast of how they have built an educated and professional army.

However, when they are faced by a military threat from both within and outside, they run to the same uneducated and unemployed youths for conscription to boost their ranks. These so-called uneducated and unemployed youths enthusiastically enlist so as to earn a living. In some cases the enlistment is as a result of a systematic blackmail whereby the autocratic government first subjects these youths to constant harassment through arrests and detention on allegations of fanning crime. To secure themselves, youths enlist with government militia programs. Once the threat is over, such conscripts are merely disbanded and they continue with their life of destitution while awaiting for another opportunity when their services would be required.

This has been the state of affairs in Museveni's Uganda for the last 33 years. His Bush War NRA was built on the same principle of tapping into the uneducated and unemployed Baganda youths whom he calls peasants. Once he captured power, he embarked on their systematic discard under the guise of building an educated and professional army. To deal with the insurgency in northern and eastern Uganda, he had to use different militia groups of the uneducated and unemployed youths. Many were disbanded thereafter while a few were incorporated into the army. It was the same story in the Rwenzori region against the ADF insurgents and the Congo military expedition. Not to mention what happened to the hoax of eleven million Crime Preventers. What about all the graduates of millions of Ugandans who for three decades have undergone paramilitary drills dubbed Mchakamchaka.

Now with the looming threat of an international uprising and invasion of Rwanda, he is busy building a new force from the uneducated and unemployed youths, dubbed LDUs. Around late last year he decreed the recruitment of 24,000 LDU personnel. In February 2019, Two Thousand plus were passed out in Kasese. In March 2019, he presided over the pass out of another Six Thousand at Kaweweta. The latter group was deployed in Kampala to counter the anticipated opposition led mass uprising and is already on rampage.

Usually, the army has two recruitment models: the Cadet Officers model that requires recruits to have a minimum education of an Advanced Level and the general recruits and the general recruits who need to have a minimum education of Ordinary Level. The regime has always hid behind this education qualifications to advance its nepotism and sectarian practices in promotions and deployments. However, when faced with a serious threat, it shifts the goal post and goes for the uneducated and unemployed youths to confront the challenge.
The 'uneducated' Gen. Kyaligonza put it much clearly in a recent media interview:

"In any case, people are in the army and are philosophers, have all the education but are not generals. This means it is not about education. If it were about knowing how to command an army, then I would allow. Gen.  Kyaligonza, a major general, an army and give another to any random full general. Let us face each other in a war and see whether he will escape my tactics. I will beat all of you."

Other than the Commando training that Gen. Kyaligonza acquired from Greece under the Iddi Amin regime in the mid 1970s, he has never undergone any other military training. Despite his excellent performance during the Bush War, upon coming to power he was never given any opportunity to advance his military career. Instead he held the same rank for twenty years. 
His assertion that he can still beat highly trained Generals in battle is proof that the requirement of formal education is good for military service but it is being exploited by autocratic regimes for selfish ends. Otherwise, how did the likes of Generals Kony, Saleh, Rwigyema and others excel as military geniuses with the minimum Ordinary Level of formal education.

Therefore, the uneducated and unemployed youths under autocratic governments are a military reserve.


UGANDA: Why Museveni thinks US presidents "act playboy"


"In-fact the leaders in the United States are like seasonal; four years and they are looking for new leaders and they are just playing around. They are as if they are in a game."

Museveni's public address on May 1, 2019 in Gulu.

“I want to reiterate here before America’s greatest heroes that I will not condone any dictatorial tendencies exhibited by dictators around the world especially the two old men from Zimbabwe and Uganda."
“Mugabe and Museveni must be put on notice that their days are numbered and that I am going to arrest them and lock them in prison. If the past American administrations have failed to stop these two despots, I will personally do it. If Obama fears them, I will never fear them. If Clinton and Bush feared them, If the Pope kneels before them, I will never be reduced to that level. I will never be cowed."
President Trump - Nov 2016.

Uganda's military dictator, Museveni responded to Trump: “I have not heard about Trump and what Trump says is none of my business. I think Mr. Trump has got enough work to do in US. People are dying, being killed by guns. Maybe I could give him some advice on how to have peace in the USA. I didn’t even know what Trump says. He has no credentials to talk about Uganda. He has no authority. He has got enough work to do in the US. In case you are in touch with him, tell him that.”

Initially, Museveni had panicked that President Trump was serious with the threats. Ugandans got excited that at last a strong external force was to come to their rescue from the yoke of Musevenism. However, the oppressed Ugandans did not initiate any move that would call for the attention of Trump to fulfil his promise. As usual, they instead folded their arms expecting Trump to carry out a commando raid against Museveni.

Consequently, Museveni felt relieved and in January 2018 he mocked Trump thus:
“America has got one of the best presidents ever. Mr. Trump. I love Trump because he talks to Africans frankly. I don't know if he's misquoted or whatever, but when he speaks I like him because he speaks frankly.”
The comments came a little less than two weeks after Trump described African nations, along with Haiti and El Salvador, as “shithole countries” whose inhabitants were not desirable as immigrants to the United States.

The USA has been and continues to be a major ally of the Museveni dictatorial regime. He has successfully managed to blackmail the USA using the global war on terror. He has used his one decade old deployment of troops to Somalia to blackmail the west into turning a blind eye to his autocracy. Since he came to power 33 years ago, the USA has changed Presidents six times. Therefore, its i against this background that he describes the leadership of US Presidents as "just playing around."


Thursday, 16 May 2019

Why Ugandans rejoiced over the death of Hon. Kibuule's twins (PHOTOS)


CHANGE OF GUARDS - Museveni's Minister for Water Resources and Member of Parliament for Mukono North Constituency, Honourable Ronald Kibuule lost his infant twins after the twins drowning in a swimming pool at his upcountry home. Unfortunately, a sizeable section of Ugandans have expressed delight at this tragic loss by Hon. Kibuule. This is an extremely alarming new development in Uganda. It is a manifestation of the extent of a deep split between the have and have nots; the oppressor and the oppressed. Many Ugandans regard Hon. Kibuule as belonging to the class of the oppressive haves. It is manifestly clear that if that tragedy had befallen Hon. Kibuule himself, they would have felt more joyous.

Born in 1984 in rural Mukono District to a Rwandan immigrant, Zefania Lusebeya and Grace Naguta, Hon. Kibuule got close to the Museveni regime during his high school days. He became an aide to the then Minister of Security, Amama Mbabazi who even paid for his university education. In 2008 he graduated from Uganda Christian University with a Bachelor of Social Work and social Administration. Since 2011 he has been the M.P for Mukono North Constituency.

From May 2011, Museveni appointed him State Minister for Youth and Children. In 2013, he made controversial statements indicating that police should charge the victims of rape if they are indecently dressed. In March 2015 Museveni appointed Kibuule State Minister for Water Resources. In 2016 Kibuule beat up a private security guard, who had insisted that Kibuule undergoes a routine security check at a Mukono bank. The minister later, reportedly ordered the police to arrest the guard on libel offences. Ms Hellen Obuku, a private security guard attached to Stanbic Bank Mukono, was arrested by police officers, but she collapsed as she was being taken to Mukono Police Station to record a statement.

During the parliamentary debate on Museveni's controvercial Age Limit Bill in September 2017, Hon. Kibuule sneaked a gun into the parliamentary chamber and walked to opposition's Hon Ssemujju and told him to prepare for a bullet in his nervous system. During this very session, the embattled minister removed his suit and also confronted the opposition leaders including Makindye West Member of Parliament Hon. Allan Ssewanya among others who were demanding for revealing of the whereabouts of the gun. Kibuule was suspended and the speaker of parliament, Rebecca Kadaga later confirmed that Hon. Kibuule had indeed sneaked in with a revolver using the entrance from President's Office according to a CCTV footage. She declared;
“Honorable members, I’ve got reliable information that the Honorable Kibuule had a gun,”
Gullible Ugandans became excited that Museveni would sack Hon. Kibuule but alas the matter was as usual swept under the carpet.

Throughout 2018 Hon. Kibuule was embroiled in several incidents of land wrangles. As a leading land grabber in the greater Mukono district, he evicted over 5,000.  People Have Been Evicted from their homes using court brokers, Police and army. In October 13, 2017, Hon. Kibuule had threatened the correspondent of Bukedde Television, David Musisi Kalyankolo for reporting on a land dispute involving the Minister and residents of Kigaya in Buikwe District. The Journalist had contacted the minister for his reaction to the reported killing of one Dickson Wasswa Mboowa, a resident of Kigaya by police officers he (the minister) had deployed to guard the disputed land.

“I called the Minister to get his side of the story about the demise of Wasswa but he threatened me that I was dealing with an influential person and he would teach me a lesson if I went ahead and aired the story".

There is no doubt Museveni's choice of Hon. Kibuule was driven by the Muhoozi Project but more so the fact that Hon. Kibuule is a Munyarwanda. The abnormal accumulation of so much wealth by such a young man and his grave misconduct with impunity can only be guaranteed by blind loyalty to the Museveni regime.

It is against this background that the oppressed Ugandans believe that it was God's hand that struck Hon. Kibuule owing to his devilish conduct. It was an expression of helpless disgust with the Museveni regime. It was God's hand in action indeed and it should serve as a lesson to the other oppressors. Unless, the country is set on the right path, we are headed for dangerous times.


Rwanda's Army chief trained in Nigeria as a Ugandan cadet


CHANGE OF GUARDS - Rwanda's Chief of Defence Forces, Gen. Patrick Nyamvumba started his military career in Uganda as a member of the NRA in the mid 1980s.

He was among the batch of NRA that trained as Cadets in Nigeria and graduated around 1988. In 1990 he left the NRA to return to Rwanda with the RPF. He held various command positions during the RPF's four year war. Even after capturing power, he advanced his career to various command responsibilities.

During the first round of the NRA and RPF clash in Kisangani, Nyamvumba was the Sector Commander of the RPF forces in Kisangani. He gave UPDF's Gen. Kazini a bloody nose. The joint Gen. Jeje Odong and Gen. Nyamwasa probe recommended that both Gen. Kazini and then Col. Nyamvumba be withdrawn from Kisangani. Rwanda complied and Nyamvumba was withdrawn but Museveni retained Gen. Kazini in Kisangani and the rest is history.

Most intriguing is the fact that the Ugandans he trained with in Nigeria as Cadet Officers can't be traced. Their military careers were suffocated as usual. One such army officer was a young man from Bushenyi who was chased from the army with disgrace. He had been based in Masaka under then Lt. Col. Kazini and around 1993 following the assassination of President Ndadaye in Burundi, Museveni sought to strengthen his close security protection. Some Tanks were moved from Masaka to State House. The said Officer took a raid on one of such tanks and Kazini alleged that the officer was up to some mischief and was summarily dismissed.

At the time Col. Nyamvumba was giving Gen. Kazini a bloody nose in Kisangani, the said officer was working with a private security company, Saracen and was In-charge of the security of Gen. Saleh's Lebanese gold dealers in Congo. Patrick Nyamvumba excelled in his military career holding various command positions both at home and with the UN Peace Keeping missions. He is now the army chief of Rwanda's RPF. In Uganda, it is only those that were recruited by the first son, Gen. Muhoozi and those with connection to State House who advance in military service.

So is the world.


UGANDA: NSC briefs Museveni on opposition political activism

(Warning: this is satire)



TO: HEX the President

2. D/IGP
5. CMI
7. DPP
8. MOS

DATE: 15/05/2019


In accordance with your directive, the National Security Council (NSC) was urgently convened on the 9th May. 2019. It evaluated the security situation with regard to the above mentioned subject matter.

Please, here below may you find the following findings and recommendations:

(a). The DP Block that was launched in March has suffered a stillbirth. It had hoped to tap into Bobi Wine's People Power and Gen. Muntu's NTA but only to be dumped at the last minute. It is not yet clear as to Mao's next move but he is still a force to recon with owing to the Acholi factor. The historically DP Catholic top has been thrown into confusion.

(b). Bobi Wine - Besigye alliance has created some excitement within extremist opposition circles. There is renewed zeal for an uprising amongst the general public and more especially the urban unemployed youth. Dr. Besigye's countrywide mobilisation efforts are gaining momentum. It is a fact that Bobi Wine is abandoning the 2021 election agenda and the joint activities of the two politicians may cause mayhem if not tamed in time. Intelligence is yet to establish the identity of the strong force that easily brokered the deal between the two once bitter rivals. In this regard, special focus is on the Catholic Church, Buganda Kingdom, the EU Mission in Uganda and Rwanda.

(c). IPOD
To boost its defiant stance, the FDC has declared intentions to once again boycott the Inter-Party Organization Dialogue (IPOD). We had anticipated that the IPOD meeting would help to buy time over the controversial POMA. We can't afford to suffocate POMA because it is the only legal tool to curtail the opposition efforts to spread falsehoods.

(d) The newly deployed LDUs are doing well despite some public outcry over alleged misconducts. The message was well received and the allegations against them could be an opposition orchestrated ploy to discredit government. Good enough the public is not yet aware that quite a number of them are our regular soldiers dressed in the LDU uniform.

Gen. Muntu's newly formed party, the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) is scheduled for an official launch on May 22, 2019 in Kampala. Unfortunately, contrary to our earlier estimates, ANT may not in the short run 'eat into' the existing political entities, DP, FDC and People Power. The Police has cleared and promised to secure the function.

(a). All efforts be made to draw a wedge between Bobi Wine and Dr. Besigye. Special attention be accorded to northern Uganda with view of ensuring that the Besigye - Bobi Wine alliance does not sway their support from DP's Mao.

(b). The DPP should consider withdrawing of some charges against Dr. Besigye and Bobi Wine. They are using those pending court cases in different parts of the country as an excuse to move upcountry and stage rallies. Currently, it is difficult to restrict their movements.

(c). We need to make use of our structures for an underground mobilization of our supporters to attend the ANT launch in big numbers. This, we hope will send shock waves into the traditional opposition entities while at the same time portraying Gen. Muntu as an NRM 'mole'.

(d). The operations of the LDUs should be interwoven with our grassroot structures so that any negative allegations are countered at a local level.

Generally the opposition activism has not yet reached a level of being a threat to security. However, contingency plans need to be heightened to avoid being taken by surprise.

J. Odong (Gen)


Tuesday, 14 May 2019

AFRICA: Museveni's 'mobilisation against Rwanda moves to dupe army veterans


CHANGE OF GUARDS - Whenever Museveni is facing a potential 'security threat' from both within and outside, he moves to dupe army veterans. He moves to take a census of these veterans with a view of establishing their numbers, geographical distribution and state of welfare. Mindful of their appalling welfare situation, he promises them heaven and earth but once the threat level falls, he just forgets about them. Such manoeuvres usually take place during election periods when he anticipates that the rigged elections may provoke an armed insurrection. It was also the case during the Congo military adventure where a number of army veterans were recalled but later disbanded after withdrawing from Congo.

Currently, the army is carrying out a similar census amidst high speculation of a military confrontation from Rwanda. In Kigezi region, the furious army veterans recently told the Minister In-charge of Veterans, Çol. Rwamirama that they had been neglected. They argued that veterans too need special attention as government has accorded to other groups such as women and the youths before asking government to engage them in constructive assignments that would uplift their status. They said; “Apparently some of us are still energetic and can be productive to this country if engaged in some ventures. All we need are things to occupy us."

Minister Rwamirama assured the veterans that their statuses will soon improve since government is considering various offers for them, adding that the establishment of the ministry responsible for was the starting point. He said;
"We shall have pensions and gratuities harmonized to enable our veterans to gain from their sweat. The struggle that you did for this country should not be in vain. We have not neglected you but we have you at heart. I am here to ensure that your challenges are not left behind."

The main focus is on the western region which is under the 2nd Division and borders with both Rwanda and Congo from where the alleged security threat is anticipated to originate. A total of 600 Veterans (one batallion) were identified as living in Kigezi subregion. Late last month, Security managers asked parliament to approve 2 trillion shillings addition to defence budget. The Minister of Defence, told Parliament that the lions share budget was to cater for "internal and external security threats".

The Army's 2nd Division Spokesperson, Capt. Tumwesigye told the press last month that a total of about 70,000 veterans had been registered countrywide to receive pension. He further said that those who did not update their data in 2010 will miss the payment. We started the exercise of updating in 2010. Some came, others feared. This time round, we are completing those. Whoever did not register by May 2010, we will not register him until we are given further orders because we also work under policies."

Management of Pension and gratuity for army Veterans has always been abused by greedy regime actors. Billions of taxpayer's money has been swindled with impunity. Therefore, there is nothing new these army Veterans should expect from the ongoing verification exercise. Actually, the claim that they are registering all veterans even of past armies starting with those of World War II is just a cover. It is only the NRA/UPDF Veterans that are being targeted because some of them are still physically capable of holding the gun. It is just part and parcel of Museveni's so-called 'mobilisation' against Rwanda and will as usual end up in the dust bin.


Sunday, 12 May 2019

Rwanda's Gen. Nyamwasa on "Museveni's persecution of opponents" (PHOTOS)


".........You cannot be rallying and processioning for an illegitimate reason – preaching lies, preaching sectarianism, preaching hate..............if you want to assemble publicly or to procession, it must be for a legitimate reason. If it is to preach hate, to decampaign investments in Uganda etc., then we shall not allow you. Those who have ignored this logic have paid a heavy price.”
Museveni's missive on freedom of assembly and expression. - May 7, 2019.

Uganda's 33 years military dictatorship under Museveni is characterised by brutal suppression of all forms of political freedom. Expression of political dissent is met with brutal force. Persecution under the guise of fighting 'terrorism' is the order of the day. False charges designed to curtail political activism are a norm.

Dissident Rwandan Gen. Nyamwasa has put it plainly in an exclusive interview that was meant to promote his opposition to Kagame. He went overboard by giving diagnosis of the scourge of all dictators. His assertion is an appropriate response to Museveni's May 7th decree on freedom of assembly and speech.

"That is how all dictators describe genuine opposition. It is also common knowledge that dictators construe political criticism as crimes.".
Extract from Gen. Nyamwasa's interview with The New Vision - May 10, 2019.

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