Wednesday, 18 July 2018

UGANDA: Detention Without Trial (DWT) in safe houses is now the accepted norm


CHANGE OF GUARDS - When the Ugandan dictator's schemes to forcefully hold onto power became more pronounced over a decade ago, he resorted to kidnap and detention of his political opponents in ungazetted secret detention facilities. Security agencies like civil intelligence (ISO), military intelligence (CMI), police and other adhoc intelligence outfits all ran safe houses. The essence was for victims to be subjected to Detention Without Trial (DWT) while undergoing gruesome physical torture aimed at extracting confessions. Safe houses provided an opportunity for the regime to disassociate itself from such a vice in the event the victims died or sued for damages. The global fight against terrorism was used as a cover to suppress internal political dissent. Security operatives used the leverage to even detain and torture for personal reasons i.e extortion, debt collection, business rivalry, power struggles, revenge etc.

Initially the regime denied that it was running any safe houses save for the main one at Kololo that houses the Joint Anti Terrorism Task Force (JATF). At one time it claimed to have closed down all such safe houses but the truth is that they continue to exist to this day. It's only the police that had abandoned the use of safe houses after it established its official DWT and torture facility at the infamous Nalufenya. When it was recently cosmetically closed down, gullible Ugandans celebrated the "end of detention without trial and torture".

With the ongoing crackdown on recently sacked Gen. Kalekyezi's loyalists, ISO and CMI are taking the lead and Ugandans are once again cheering on without questioning or pondering to know where the so called suspects are held. Take the example of Movit proprietor, Simpson Birungi who was kidnapped and held by ISO at a safe house for 45 days. At one time they even arrogantly allowed his wife to visit him; which is a new development in the history of safe houses. I hope Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) picks interest and she leads them to the venue around Kyengera for inspection.

The family petitioned the High Court which issued an order for the Attorney General and DG/ISO to appear and explain the illegal detention of Simpson Birungi. The regime directed the two officials to just ignore the court order. Consequently, the same High Court further issued an order for the unconditional release of Simpson Birungi but was also ignored. It was at this stage that the Uganda Law Society appealed to the DPP to investigate "transgression of the law" by ISO and AG. ULS went further to threaten private prosecution of the two regime officials.

ULS very well knows, and if it didn't know, the DG/ISO and AG could not ignore High Court orders without the approval of Museveni. Similarly, ISO could not have kidnapped and detained Simpson Birungi in a safe house for 45 days without the approval of Museveni. It is the same Museveni who has approved his release from detention and not ULS' empty threats of commencing private prosecution. This also serves to show that even the recent raids on both the MTN servers and Lands office by ISO were fully approved by Museveni. The raiding of Parliament, raiding of courts to reverse court orders and the arrest and detention of M.Ps among other vices, must all be approved by Museveni.

Therefore, kidnappings and detention without trial (DWT) is no longer a secret but an official Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) by the regime security apparatus. The level of arrogance exhibited in allowing even the families of victims to visit them in Safe Houses serves to confirm that it is now an acceptable norm. Not all that are held in these safe houses are lucky enough to come out alive or without any physical scratch like Simpson Birungi. Can anyone still talk about constitutionalism and rule of law?


Tuesday, 17 July 2018

AFRICA: Looming irreversible security catastrophe in The Great Lakes Region of Africa

"RDF is trained and prepared to fight wars but not to start them with others. But if others make us their problem and chose to start a war with us, that is when we use judgement, determination and try to fight and finish it for them."
Rwanda's President, Kagame at a recent public function.

A few days earlier, during the celebration to mark Liberation Day, Rwanda's Ambassador to Uganda publicly asked the Museveni regime to "investigate incidents brought to its (Uganda) attention involving terrorists targeting Rwanda. "

Rwanda which has been and continues to be the center of gravity in both the stability and instability of the Great Lakes Region is under threat of attack by its foreign sponsored armed dissidents. While the 24 years' old Tutsi led RPF regime managed to neutralize the traditional so called Hutu dominated FDRL Genocides through both military force in Congo and a campaign of isolation, the current threat seems to be a force to reckon with. Since the assassination of Col. Patrick Karegyeya, the Tutsi dominated Gen. Kayumba led RNC had kind of slowed down on the military option.

Rwanda's involment in Burundi's bloody protests over Nkurunziza's presidential bid that culminated into the May 2015 foiled coup was for its internal stability. Rwanda feared that its Hutu dominated dissidents could seek the help of the predominantly Hutu led government of Burundi. It wanted to install a friendly government that would not harbour its dissidents. At best, it wanted to reinstate the former Tutsi dominated government in Burundi. Its efforts to reorganize Burundian refugees and dissidents into a formidable force that could destabilize Burundi has not taken root owing to an absence of serious dissent inside Burundi. President Nkurunziza is proving to be in full control.

Instead, Burundi is proving to be moving ahead of Rwanda. There has been incidents of armed incursions into Rwanda by armed dissidents from their hideouts in Burundi. A newly formed armed group, Rwanda Movement for Democratic Change (RMDC) with its armed wing the NLF has emerged and claimed responsibility for the recent incursions. It has gone ahead to disclose its structures and hierarchy with renown Hotel Rwanda Film Star, Paul Rusesabagina as its head. They have gone ahead to release photos of their smartly dressed fighters undergoing military drills in an undisclosed forested environment.

It is not by coincidence that the RMDC/NLF statement has been released by the Museveni regime online mouth piece, Chimpreports. It is not also by coincidence that the NLF is wearing a military uniform that is similar to that of Museveni's UPDF. There is ongoing bad blood between Museveni and Kagame over allegations that the former is harbouring RNC dissidents. Its is further alleged that Rwandese dissident recruits are being sourced, facilitated and transited through Uganda to training bases in Congo. Museveni's close relationship and cooperation with the French army is also another concern for Rwanda.

It is highly likely that Kampala has rebranded the RNC to give birth to RMDC/NLF. Such a move gives the dissident movement a national outlook devoid of ethnic divide. This was the same story during the formation of the RPF in the early 1990s when a Hutu leadership comprised of Alex Kanyarengwe, Faustine Twagiramungu, Pasteur Bizimungu and others were paraded as the top leadership. Once power was captured and consolidated, the above mentioned were humiliatingly kicked out. Museveni had used the same tactic during his Bush War when he strategically placed the Baganda at the top leadership hierarchy of his NRM. Otherwise, if Rusesabagina is the political head of RMCD, then who is the military head of its armed wing, the NLF? Your guess is as good as mine.

On the Uganda front, Rwanda had for long relied on the network headed by the recently sacked and incarcerated Police chief, Gen. kalekyezi. With the dismantling of this Kalekyezi web, Rwanda must be in a total blackout about the activities of its dissidents in Uganda. Through its social media chief propagandist, Sseruga Titus, the RNC has been in a celebratory mood over the sacking of Gen. Kalekyezi. On the Burundi front, the situation seems not to be in RNC's favour. On the Congo front, the only hope is for the new leadership in either Moise Katumbi or Jean Piers Bemba. Rwanda is being careful not to overstretch itself by re-entering Congo to dismantle the dissident training grounds. Doing so would give room for increased incursions from the Burundi side. For now, Museveni can't risk any form of direct incursions by armed dissidents from Uganda but must be in touch with Burundi's Nkurunziza. However, a future direct military confrontation is likely if the two leaders don't resolve their differences. For now what is helping relations from getting worse is the absence of a Rwanda backed Ugandan dissident group.

There is no doubt Rwanda is in a desperate situation. If well coordinated dissident military attacks from Burundi persist, it will have no option but to invade and overthrow the Nkurunziza government. Nkurunziza is very much aware of this but the big question is where does he derive the courage to take the risk of providing bases to Rwanda's dissidents!!! He must have got assurance from some 'big regional power'. On the other hand, Rwanda can't afford to consecutively manage two fronts - Burundi and Uganda. Tanzania is friendly to all the key players - Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. It has strategic economic interests in all these countries. It won't sit back and watch as the region is plunged into another round of chaos. Tanzania will have to take sides since its successful mediation is not likely. It can only take the intervention of a bigger power like the USA to avert the looming regional catastrophe.

In May 1967, Israel was faced with a similar situation when it was simultaneously attacked by Egypt, Jordan and Syria. At by the end of the six days war, Israel came out victorious but Rwanda is not Israel.

Watch the space.

change of guards

Sunday, 15 July 2018

UGANDA: Bunyoro is paying price of not being traditional cattle keepers


Since Museveni assumed office 32 years ago, a geographical region referred to as the Cattle Corridor has continued to expand to include other regions that were not traditionally part of the original region. The traditional semi-arid cattle corridor stretches from North western Tanzania and parts of Eastern Rwanda, through some parts of Ankole, Buganda, Teso, Lango, to Karamoja in the North Eastern region. Save for Lango, Teso and Karamoja, the traditional cattle keepers in the cattle corridor areas in Buganda and Ankole are predominantly those refered to as the Balaro.

The Museveni regime has facilitated the Balalo to gain economic and military strength that has enabled them to look for more pasture outside their traditional cattle corridor areas in Ankole and Buganda. They have developed a feeling that they have the monopoly of cattle keeping. Bunyoro has not been spared and it has witnessed the worst land grabbing by the economically and militarily powerful Balalo. When Museveni took over power in 1986, Teso and Lango were depleted of cattle stocks. The vigorous attempts by Balaro to make incursions into Teso, Lango, Acholiland and West Nile has been politically resisted. For this action both West Nile and Acholiland are paying the price as armed cattle rustlers from South Sudan are depleting their stocks at a very fast rate unhindered. This implies that the pressure has to revert back to South of the Karuma Bridge. However the bad news is that the Banyoro are also adopting cattle keeping implying they will not part with their land.

To better understand the narrative, just have a look at this story that was run by on 11th July 2018;

By Peter Abaanabasazi

Unanswered questions are lingering in minds of livestock farmers in Hoima district about who is behind the escalating cases of cattle theft in the area. According to the farmers, robberies of livestock especially cows, goats and sheep which started with negligible cases have turned into serious problems and a security concern.

Over 200 cows are said to have been stolen from different farmers since December 2017 in Sub-Counties of Buseruka, Kyangwali, Bugambe and Hoima Municipality. Some farmers claim that the robbers are armed, creating more tension among cattle farmers. Farmers say the problem turned serious at the beginning of March this year.

Yese Basigaraho, 80, a resident of Bubaale in Bujumbura Division, Hoima Municipality, whose kraal is located in Kyakasekuro village in Bugambe Sub-County, says that he lost 33 Frisian cows to the thieves on the night of July 2nd 2018. He says the theft has left him helpless and unable to look after his family since he has been depending on his cows for survival.

Bernadette Plan, the Councilor for Kohoora Division and the Hoima Secretary for Finance is among the farmers who are shedding tears after the thugs raided her kraal in Bujwahya cell in Hoima Municipality on May 25-2018 and took off with 20 Frisian cows. Bernadette Plan, who lost 20 cows to thugs noted that for the last five months, farmers have been reporting animal theft to Police, but there is no effort put in place to arrest the situation.

She blamed police and other security agencies for not doing enough despite the continued theft of animals in the district that has left many with empty kraals. "We are appealing to government to intervene into this problem; police and other security agencies are aware, but the robberies have continued. We have nowhere to go for help,” Plan said.

Fred Mugasa, a businessman in Hoima town also lost 16 cows after thieves invaded his kraals located in Kayera village in Buseruka Sub-County. He says that since then he has never recovered his cows.
He has now sold off all the remaining animals over fears that they could as well be stolen. He added that security in Hoima have not taken the issues seriously and challenged police and other security agencies to tighten the grip on cattle thieves in the area.

Ali Babi, the President for Hoima Municipal Development Forum, whose family also lost over 20 cows to thieves, alleges that the increasing theft of cows is a clandestine move by highly connected people in government to turn the people of Banyoro poorer.

Baibi said some of the cattle thieves who have been arrested have been released from police custody under unclear circumstances and called farmers to rise up and petition the President over the matter.
Steven Kabagambe, the chairman of Aberwanaho Farmers Association from Kyarushesha parish in Kyangwali says that cattle thieves are known, but even when they report them to police, no action is taken to arrest them.

Julius Hakiza, the Albertine Region Police Spokesperson says police have launched investigations into the rampant theft of the animals to ensure that the suspects are arrested and prosecuted.
He denied claims that the increasing theft of animals is a result of laxity in security.

Since when did the Banyoro become cattle keepers!!!! Ask the people of Teso, Lango and Acholi as to what happened to their cattle stocks. Just revert back to your traditional cassava and tobacco growing and the "thugs" will not target you.


Friday, 13 July 2018

UGANDA: Museveni's "educated" police officers miss out on recovered stolen US dollars


CHANGE OF GUARDS - The police has just done a commendable job by quickly arresting some of the real suspects and recovering half of the stolen half a million U.S dollars that had been stolen from a forex bureau by its employees. The police has not used brutal force, torture or cumbersome techniques to make a break through. Special thanks go to the police officer who rejected the big bribe but instead went ahead to use the opportunity as a lead to the breakthrough. The Director of CID, Grace Akullo who had always been sidelined and overshadowed by ragtag criminal investigations outfits has also excelled.

That is how the so called "politically hostile and predominantly non university graduate" police used to act before Museveni brought in his so called "young and educated" boys and girls from western Uganda. I am very sure some police officers are cursing thus; "....mbenu ago amazi ago gashisha diru nungi. Akuro n'embwa (, those excreta have spoilt a good deal. Akuro is a dog). Otherwise, the other home boys like Kataratambi, Muhangi, Komurubuga, NATO, Womanya and others would have accused the suspects of financing terrorism, tortured them to the point of death, failed to recover the money and if recovered, they would hide it, kill the suspects or aid them to escape, asked for facilitation in hundreds of millions from both the victim and the state to meet the cost of investigations etc.

 Keep it up Grace Akullo but make sure you keep those scavengers off the investigations. This money, it was to be recovered and stolen by those "young educated" officers, it would lead to eviction of hundreds of citizens from their land by "developers" thus "boosting the economy".  Museveni would commend them for being role models, innovative and exemplary in fighting poverty. The regime Deputy Secretary General Richard Tadwong asked the other day; " we see new buildings all over Kampala everyday. Who are the owners" before he warned against stealing with impunity.

The Observer newspaper story is below:


Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) detectives have recovered $250,000 (about Shs 933 million), half of the money that was stolen from Metropolitan forex bureau last week.
At least $150,000 (about Shs 560 million) of this had been hidden in Lubowa, at the home of a relative of Joy Katenta, an employee who had been entrusted with $500,000 (Shs 1.8 billion), that was due to be deposited in Bank of Africa. The other $100,000 (about Shs 373 million) was found in Mutungo at the home of another relative.  Katenta was arrested over the weekend after Ali Molib, the general manager of Metropolitan forex bureau reported a case of theft against her and another employee, Lillian Nanyanzi who is still on the run.

Subsequent investigations led detectives to Mutungo, where part of the money had been hidden at a home of a lady who was later identified as a sister-in-law to Katenta. She was arrested and later joined by a 23-year-old man only identified as Brian, a resident of Lubowa, who was trying to bribe detectives with $20,000 (Shs about 74 million) to release his aunt.

The money was stolen from Metropolitan forex bureau last week. CID director Grace Akullo confirmed the recovery but declined to divulge details on the operation. "It's true we have recovered some of the money but the case is still under investigations so I cannot speak about it," Akullo told URN.

Details about the theft
On July 5, 2018, Katenta was sent to Eco bank, Jinja road branch to withdraw $500,000. The money was safely withdrawn and loaded onto the CITI bullion van escorted by Katenta to Bank of Africa where they were supposed to find another employee (name withheld by police for her security).
However, when Katenta arrived at Bank of Africa, she called in, Lillian Nanyanzi, another employee who had been sent to DTB to deposit some cheques and asked the other employee to go to DTB instead.

The CCTV footage shows Katenta signing for the box of money before entering the bank together with Nanyanzi. Instead of going into the banking hall, the two branched into the toilets and divided the money, each moving out with a plastic bag filled with money.

While both Katenta and Nanyanzi switched off their phones, Katenta went ahead to report to police that Nanyanzi had stolen the money and left her with only $100,000 (about Shs 373 million). Police detectives led by the Kampala metropolitan CID commander Johnson Opal went to Mutungo and recovered the $100,000 and released Katenta on police bond that evening.

Katenta was rearrested the next day on the orders of Grace Akullo after Bank of Africa was asked to avail the CCTV videos which ended up implicating the two women.  Call printouts revealed that immediately after stealing the money, Katenta called her sister-in-law whose identity is still being withheld. When police failed to trace for the remaining $150,000 (about Shs 560 million) which Katenta is alleged to have taken home, they arrested the sister-in-law, also a resident of Mutungo.

A search at the sister-in-law's house yielded nothing but police got a breakthrough when she asked the investigating officers to accept a bribe of $20,000 so as to release her on police bond. The officers allowed her to call someone who would bring the money and she called Brian her nephew and asked him to pick $20,000 off the hidden money and meet the detectives at Nandos.

When Brian reached Nandos, the investigating officers took the money and asked him to come to CID headquarters Kibuli with his national I'D and another who would stand surety for his aunt.
Upon reaching Kibuli, Brian was arrested and asked to show where the rest of the money was hidden. He took the detectives to Lubowa where he was staying and gave them a pillowcase holding $130,000.

That's why we have always argued that it takes a minute to realign this country and not those boring ten point security programs that involve multi billion dollars' worth of procurements. Ugandans want to see results and not senseless parading of suspects on TV.



Wednesday, 11 July 2018

UGANDA: Brian Isiko was accused by police, imprisoned by court; not Hon. Sylvia Rwabogo


CHANGE OF GUARDS - Around November 2017 a young man, Brian Isiko initiated telephone contact with a female Member of Parliament (M.P), SyLvia Rwabwogo. He expressed his desire to have a love relationship with her. The M.P initially took it lightly but when the young man disclosed to the M.P that "he wanted to protect her after realising that she was in deep trouble, the M.P got concerned and reported to the parliamentary police post.

The parliamentary police is said to have blocked Isiko's phone but he continued texting the M.P. Consequently, the same police organised a trap that netted Brian Isiko. He was taken into custody but interestingly, the M.P continues to receive text messages from Isiko's phone number. How can a detained suspect's phone continue to send text messages to the victim/complainant!!!

Hon. Sylvia revealed that after Brian made several attempts to woo her through Facebook, she was forced to block him. However, Brian was unfazed! He instead resorted to sending text messages and making phone calls.

According to Sylvia, Brian would make these calls late night, day time and early morning hours.
“I am a politician. I got concerned for my life. Imagine somebody you have never met starts calling you in the night, morning and throughout the day. At times, I would be going for work then he would call me just before I left my home. I got scared. It was like he was somewhere monitoring my movements”, she stated.
I hired and borrowed cars
Hon. Sylvia revealed that she was forced to hire and borrow cars to disguise her movements because she felt her life was in danger. I thought it was a normal approach but it was not. I stopped using my car. Whenever I was about to leave my home, he would call and say he was waiting to see me. He would send text messages.I had to hire and borrow cars from friends. I hired private security. I had to cancel those programs for the day. I have not done much because I have cancelled several programs. I am a politician. I have to move!
Don’t judge me.
The suspect was taken to court and accused of sexual harassment and he denied the charge and during the trial, the M.P testified. However, along the way the accused changed his plea and admitted the charges and the Magistrate convicted and sentenced him to two years' imprisonment.

The public reaction has generally been characterized by scolding and condemnation of the M.P whom they accuse of imprisoning the young man for merely expressing his love. The M.P has come out to clarify as to why she reported the matter to police but to no avail. Most disturbing is that among her attackers are some people who are presumed to be right thinking members of the public like the former Presidential aspirant, Maureen Walube Kyalya.

These people are entitled to their opinion and my role is just to point out a few issues. Hon. Sylvia Rwabwogo only reported her security concerns to the police. It's the police and DPP who belong to the executive arm of government that made the decision to arrest, detain and bring up charges against Brian Isiko before presenting him to court. In other words, it's the state that had the mandate to protect its citizens that accused Brian Isiko. Sylvia Rwabwogo remained a complainant and a witness whom the law compels to testify in court. It was Brian Isiko who admitted to the charge and court had no alternative but to convict him.

May be those in defense of Isiko ought to blame court for not simply giving him a caution (never do it again) and set him free instead of imprisoning him. But again, court gave its reasons for arriving at that decision; that the accused had not shown any remorse and that "the intention is only known to him." In criminal cases, establishing motive or intention is very important. In the instant case the police did not disclose the motive thus more cause for worry by Hon. Sylvia Rwabwogo. Can anyone explain why and how the suspect's number continued to send texts even while he was under detention!!!!

Looking at this saga from another angle, it is a fact that the stranger, Brian Isiko initiated telephone contacts around November 2017 during the height of the Age Limit Amendment. Though a member of the regime, Hon. Sylvia Rwabwogo extraordinarily and courageously opposed the amendment. To the regime, this was high treason and any reasonable Ugandan very well knows that as is the norm, at one time she will pay. Intimidation by the regime is the usual practice against opposition and independent minded leaders. Sylvia Rwabwogo must have seen Brian Isiko's offer of "protection against her being in deep trouble" from this angle. As a layman, I feel that Brian Isiko was being used by the state security agencies thus why he changed his plea in the middle of the trial to curtail further probe and that's why he was not remorseful. Someone needs to confirm if he will serve the two years in detention.

To better understand my stupid argument, just look at this extract on Hon. Sylvia Rwabwogo's interview with The Observer of 25th October 2017 below:

Now that the age limit may be removed, what next?

Power belongs to the people and I have listened to people in my area and outside. Those voices should not be ignored because it is about their future. I am not forcing my idea on them but I want their views to come out, unlike the manner in which we are being forced to take a position in NRM.
The consultations are not about convincing people. Some people are paying money to people, sometimes taking people to sign for it like they did with veterans in my district. If the people of Kabarole are left free to decide against my stand, I shall bring their views to Parliament.

Aren’t you afraid that your stand will be used by the party to fight you in the constituency?

Some members of parliament are really scared. I did not know it would come to this and I wished it had come at the end of the term. We are standing at crossroads; the demand from our party; then the fight with our conscience and the will of the people. If I follow my conscience, I will live with it forever. I would not lose it and lose my soul for anything because we are here in parliament in passing.  Maybe I will be here for one term but I would not want to tie my decisions to the interest of coming back to parliament.  Most people are actually afraid and think that if they say something contrary to the party position, they will be fought in the constituencies. Who says that people who have lost elections have been fought by government? We have seen people who have returned to parliament when they have taken decisions contrary to government positions.

So, are you persuading some NRM members you think are quietly opposed to the removal of age limits to join you?

We are talking with these people. We are not enemies and those we are talking to are willing to support us but still fear being torn between listening to their people and listening to the government.
That is the dilemma they are faced with. If we are going to divide ourselves for every decision, at the end of the day Uganda will not be one. We must enjoy our country irrespective of our tribal and political inclinations. I still belong to the NRM party and don’t hate it or my president. When I say this, people think I am trying to hide my decision but it is firm and I am not doing it in hatred.
I am not even looking at any other party but I want to serve NRM objectively, and not against my conscience. I have been in this party for the last 10 years; so, when I disagree with them objectively, I think I have the right to do so.  If you are vulnerable to anything, you will not be able to make a decision. There are many women who think like we do but for one reason or another, they fear to come out. Being a journalist by profession, it is within my training that you have to be objective at all times.

The NRM issued guidelines calling on its members to consult small, carefully chosen groups of people. Is that workable for you?

The regulations we are getting from the party are that we call party and religious leaders. I don’t want to be selective and I am not a delegate. I am a representative of [all] the people, not a selected section of the people. I do not only represent women, but represent all. These are matters for all Ugandans; so, we are going out to consult the general public. I am not campaigning or holding general rallies and speaking against this matter. I will educate them about the advantages of either decision. Depending on the majority’s decision, I will reserve my personal views in their favour.

Quote | Report to Comments
#1 saeguya
2017-10-25 08:13
A lady with some balls, dignity intestinal fortitude, patriotism, and pure love for her motherland who should be emulated by peers, the men in Parliament especially.

#2 Magenge
2017-10-25 08:20
This is one of the brightest batooro I have ever known, unlike Mwenda and Kasango who are feasting on pensions money and talking nonesense non stop.

#3 kelem
2017-10-25 08:31
Majority NRM MPs sold their souls to the devil because of selfish motives.
These MPs are supper cheap indeed

#4 Lakwena
2017-10-25 12:09
This is being exceptionally bold and candid for first -timer NRM MP.
But I want caution my young sister, Hon Rwabwogo for loving what (NRM) she does not know. E.g. last week Mr. M7 made it public and in certain term that the NRM is a Master of Violence.
What does this mean? It means, unless Hon Sylvia Rwabwogo denounced and disassociated herself from that Mr. M7's statement; all NRM members are inherently and collectively violent.
Before that, on 26th January 2017, Mr. M7 along the same line, proclaimed from the roof top that, he is in State House fighting only for himself and belief.
Because no NRM MPs or ordinary members condemned denounced Mr. M7, what does this also mean?
It means that all NRM members MPs or riffraff, are where they are; or do what they do only for themselves and not for the people of Uganda.
In other words what then is Hon Sylvia Rwabwogo in love with in the NRM party?

#5 Musana
2017-10-25 13:24
Sylvia and Ruhunda have done Tooro good.
However, we shall thank you after you have gone through all the trials and tribulations you are about to suffer.
Please, remain firm through it all, knowing that when you stand for truth, posterity takes note, and your reward will be great.
A good name is better than riches. Muliinde engeso enungi eza Tooro. May God give you the necessary strength, for courage you have.

To better understand Hon. SyLvia's situation, you need to receive a text message at midnight from an accused who is presumed to be in police detention.


Tuesday, 10 July 2018

UGANDA: Can't CCTV cameras and electronic tracking devices save cattle in Mbarara?


CHANGE OF GUARDS - Following a spate of insecurity that has hit the country, Uganda's military dictator ordered for the acquisition and installation of CCTV cameras and electronic tracking devices on vehicles and motorcycle number plates.

Mbarara district has been hit by a wave of attacks by assailants who target cattle that they hack with machetes and leave them to die. For the last three months the district has witnessed the hacking of over 50 cows. The latest attack was on the farm of Col. Titus Muhinda where four of his cows were hacked. The police admit that they have not been able to establish the motive.

Museveni has been promoting his much cherished diary farming at the detriment of crop agriculture. Diary farming is dominated by his ethnic Balalo. This should be the starting point for the police to establish motive.

Obviously, Museveni will order for CCTV cameras and electronic tracking devices to be installed on the farms and cattle respectively. Unfortunately, these devices will be managed by the police which is a prime suspect for conniving with criminals. Just a few days ago a polic truck was intercepted while carrying stolen cattle (pictured). Such trucks are supposed to ease police mobility in protecting the lives and property of citizens. Instead, they are used in furtherance of the commission of crime.

We are likely to see the creation of the Cattle Protection Unit (CPU) to secure cattle in the Cattle Corridor and Mbarara district in particular.


UGANDA: "Besigye and Ingrid" take the DPC's pistor for fingerprinting


CHANGE OF GUARDS - Following a spate of mysterious killings that have rocked the country, Uganda's military dictator ordered for the fingerprinting of all the guns. He argued that this will help security agencies to track a gun used to commit murder or any other crime.

In the same efforts, the Director General of Internal Security Organisation (DG/ISO), Col. Bagyenda Kaka last evening paraded on NTV some people who "confessed" to having been involved in politically motivated crime. The men all hailing from Busia at the eastern border with Kenya, disclosed how they had planned to disrupt today's Local Council elections (July 10, 2018). They went further to disclose that they had been working for the FDC, the Peoples' Government and that they had received the full blessing of leading opposition figure, Dr. Besigye and his assistant, the iron lady, Ingrid Turinawe. However, the show moderator objected to their assertion that Gen. Kalekyezi was also working with the opposition. Obviously, the spy coach who coached these so-called informers mush be under fire for embarrassing the Chief Spy with half baked witnesses. What a professional spy chief, Col. Kaka who has made this great breakthrough of identifying the killers. He appealed to the opposition to apologize to Ugandans the same way he did when his son murdered his girlfriend.

In the southern region, the DPC of Kyotera, Musa Kayongo handed his pistol to the same Besigye and Ingrid who claimed that they were going to fingerprint it. The two who were donning military uniform that Besigye bought on his recent trip to Europe, stopped the DPC at 3.00 a.m as he drove in his private car. They claimed that they were in the area for Museveni's security as he was expected the following day. They have delayed to bring it back but since the fingerprinting exercise was sanctioned by the Commander- in-Chief (CIC), the police says they are handling the matter administratively. The army at the Masaka based Mechanized Brigade has acknowledged the existence of "several thugs who use military uniforms to execute their unlawful mission, which taints the image of the army."
"Security forces are therefore appealing to whoever sees Besigye and Ingrid to advise them to return the DPC's pistol if they have finished fingerprinting it. They should also be reminded to apologize to Ugandans for the killings they have been perpetuating. Otherwise, failure to comply they will be subjected to criminal proceedings on charges of annoying the President and Commander in Chief. Kampala Mayor Eliasi Lukwago is urged to stay calm as he was left out owing to a technical error."
It is unbelievable that even Col. Kaka can be as cheap as that!!! Indeed, the country has gone to the dogs. This is just a smokescreen for a more dangerous scheme to frame the opposition. Watch the space.