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#Buganda Kingdom reaps cash from #Museveni's torture chambers - #Uganda

In the heart of Kampala city is the NRA's military police barracks at Makindye.  During the Iddi Amin regime the same barracks was re-known for detention without trial, torture, and killing of many Ugandans. The property housing the said barracks belongs to the Buganda kingdom. It was taken over by the central government around 1966 following the abolition of kingdoms. When Museveni took over power he opportunistically restored the kingdom and promised to return the property. His army continues to occupy the said property with no intention of vacating It has taken him 28 years to handover the title deeds of the said property! The Buganda Kingdom earns rent from the Ministry of Defence.

Even under Museveni the role of Makindye barracks continued to be the same as had been the case under Iddi Amin. The only difference is that under Museveni there has been little information flow about torture at Makindye barracks save for the few highlights by international human rights organisations. Makindye Barracks is the NRA's tactical base for the brutal anti-demonstrations operations in Kampala city. Also during general elections it acts as the base for the army's terror and intimidation unleashed against both the opposition and the general population in order to coarse them to vote for Museveni. Military personnel are dressed in regular Police uniform at Makindye before they are dispatched to the city to cause mayhem. The barracks has been the holding ground of civilians arrested by different intelligence outfits like Operation Wembly, VCCU, KAP, Flying Squad, ISO, CMI, SFG. It has also been taking custody of civilians who are released by courts of law but the army immediately rearrests them from within the court premises and detains them in Makindye. At one time Museveni referring to Makindye barracks boosted thus "I have found a safer place for them where they cant escape". It is at Makindye that the likes of Kayihura and Hope Mwesigye (then Minister) competed for the securing the release of PRA suspects by involving behind the scenes negotiations between suspects, their relatives and Museveni.

At the quarter guard (main entrance) on the left hand side is block that has eight tiny isolation cells. These cells are used as torture chambers for suspects who are picked and isolated for torture from the main detentions facilities inside the barracks.  They are used to hold those suspects whom the authorities do not want to be seen by other inmates so that forced disappearance is eased. Also they are used as a temporary holding ground for suspects who are brought in at night and for security reasons the authorities do not want to open the main detention facility. Further, it is at the quarter guard cells that the authorities conduct follow up interrogation and torture to extract more information from those victims who are already in detention. It is very common for operatives from the earlier mentioned intelligence outfits to make regular visits to makindye and order for the production of some suspect for further interrogation and torture. If a victim is lucky he is interrogated from these isolation cells where the interrogators exercise some restraint. During interrogation at the isolation cells, the victim is stripped naked, handcuffed to the iron bars of the door leaving only the toes to touch the floor. If the victim is not cooperative, he will be left in that state for the whole night for the mosquitoes to do the interrogation. However, if the victim is unlucky he is driven off to the safe houses in town from where he may never be seen again. The one time Commanding Officer of Makindye Col. Dick Bugingo used to tell suspects that for them (Military Police) they are just store keepers who were given 'goods' for safe custody such that if the owner(intelligence organisations) demands for his goods, he must be given at any time of the day without question. No wonder Col. Bugingo was retired immediately following the 2006 mysterious escape of high profile suspects from his custody.

Passing this quarter guard cell into the barracks, about 25 meters on the left is the infamous Go-Down cell. It is not clear whether the structure was build by the Buganda Kingdom or by the Iddi Amin government. It is used to house civilian incommunicado. The structure is a huge concrete building block with a high and wide metallic sliding gate. Inside the structure on the immediate left are two huge cells with burglar proof glass windows. The same applies to the right side. This ones are rarely used except for accommodating the terminally sick. Directly opposite the gate about 15 meters away are the infamous three underground cells from which the entire structure derives its name - Go-down. The Go-downs have strong metallic sliding doors and stair cases leading under ground about five metres. They have 30 metres high walls that touch the high roof where very tiny ventilators are located. Both during the day and at night detainees ease themselves in the plastic buckets. Every evening was is left to flow into the cells up to a quarter metre high. Guards are posted even on the roof during day time and can be seen from the 2 metres away main road to Lukuli Nanganda and the surrounding neighbourhoods. After many years of secrecy pertaining to the detention of hundreds of civilians at Makindye, an inmate took the initiative to compile their particulars and pass them on to the press who after running the story, their relatives raised alarm that compelled the authorities to lessen the grip.

Bypassing this Go-down on the right is the Commanding Officers office. By passing it on the left about 20 metres away is the main kitchen for the suspects on the right and on the left is the clinic. From the clinic upward about 10 metres away is a strong metallic gate leading to another detention facility called Zimwe. It derives its name from the contract to build a high concrete fence all around that Gen Kaziini awarded to Zimwe Construction. Its located at the barracks' peripheral bordering with the main road and the civilian residential quarters outside the barracks. This facility has four huge concrete structures with each one having two different big cells. The cells are self contained in terms of toilet and laundry. Among the Old Boys of Zimwe wing is Col. Samson Monday who was housed in Ward D. Also, one of the wards is called Ituri because that is where the PRA suspects were housed after being rearrested from court by the black mambas following their release by courts of law. The fourth structure was recently constructed to provide for senior army officers at a time the army was contemplating to detain Dr. Kiiza Besigye and was also stuck with Brig. Tumukunde's detention at the Officer's mess at Acasia Avenue in Kololo.

Around 2006 the detention facilities at Makindye underwent major renovation that was carried out by the NRA department of Construction and with the physical supervision of officials from the Buganda kingdom land board. Therefore, there is no doubt that Buganda Kingdom as landlords are fully aware of what their tenant (Musevenis) is using and abusing their property but since they are reaping huge sums of money they are not bothered. At the time, these officials from Buganda land board were even used by detainees to smuggle notes to media houses. The said notes contained the details of torture and incarceration that was being carried out by the NRA at the facility and The Monitor ran these details.

Kigo Prison on the outskirts of Kampala city is another Buganda property that is used by the NRA to torture and kill Ugandans whenever Makindye Barracks ran out of sufficient space.  CMI, JATT, Operation Wembly, ISO, KAP, RRU, VCCU, and SFG turned Kigo Prison into an intelligence agencies detention facility. Using the cover of the General Court Martial, these intelligence outfits would detain and withdraw victims at will. The said Remand and Production Warrants by the court martial were mere papers in the possesion of these agencies and the victim needed not to have appeared before the court martial. At any time of the day or night, a victim could be removed from Kigo for further torture in the safe houses and never to be seen again. The OC of the Prison became an incorporated member of JATT with a monthly allocation of operation funds. Gen Tumwine as a special task Chairman of the General Court Martial at the time played a crucial role in legitimising the legal detention (see: General Court Martial - a tool of illegal detention by NRA).

Therefore,  much as the Buganda kingdom financially benefits from its property being inappropriately used by the NRA, it is also knowingly aiding and abetting the commission of atrocities against Ugandans by the NRA.


Monday, 21 April 2014


The whole saga reveals the following aspects:-

1.    Under Museveni, all the intelligence gathering is directed towards spying on democratic political opponents other than enemies of the state of Uganda. The IGP, Kayihura was gathering information about the activities of those intending to democratically contest for the Presidency against Museveni. The IGP's role confirms what a loyal cadre of the NRA is supposed to do.

2.   His actions further confirm how Museveni runs parallel intelligence organs - one of them now under. The traditional civil intelligence outfit (ISO) has lost Museveni's confidence. Its evidence that the Mbabazi network has infiltrated the organisation yet according to Museveni it is supposed to be a structure of his political party with total loyalty to him only. The recently much publicised statement pertaining to spy agency running out of funds alludes to the fact that those funds have been deliberately withheld so as to incapacitate it. The arrest and trial in a court martial of one of its senior directors (Maj. Muramagi) over treasonous allegations is a further confirmation. Another senior officer (Capt Katabazi)'s association with the Mbabazis is under investigation and very soon we may see action taken against him and the entire security detail of Prime Minister Mbabazi.

3.   Information peddling has always been big business under Museveni. The boom is during such times when there is a perceived thread against Museveni's life presidency project. The system always puts in place huge amounts of cash for such projects. Actually much as the information peddlers (who are civilians in most cases) reap big, its the officers managing such projects who take the lions share through concocted intelligence briefs and inflated threat assessment. By voluntarily coming to Kayihura, Ahamad Kasirivu was motivated by financial gain. He had done a lot of dirty work for the system in the past but had not only financially benefited but had been abandoned as usual. That is why when the opportunity resurfaced through being approached by the Mbabazi's, he saw an opportunity to reap big from camps. Both camps are using cash as the motivating factor. While the Museveni camp drawing from the national coffers and the project managers are diverting the lions share personal use, the Mbabazi camp is using personal resources - as to how they accumulated those resources is another question. By the 2016 general elections time, the uncontrolled flow of cash will have created trouble for the economy.

4.   Out of ignorance many Ugandans are amused at the wayKayihura is issuing millions of shillings to Kasirivu! They do not know that for decades now this is how the Museveni system has been managing security and political undertakings. Cash is issued out like beans. As Kasirivu took out the one million shillings, another three million was pocketed by Kayihura - disguised as meant for "another group". This "another group" could be Kayihura himself, his family member, his workers, friends etc. By ordering the officer to "give another three million for another group" at the same time Kasirivu was getting the one million, Kayihura is trying to hoodwink the junior officer who is taking custody of the cash into believing that his boss is drawing the three million shillings for official duties. It has been a practise by many intelligence managers to even bring to the office such relatives, workers, private contractors to the office. After being ushered into the boss's office and at the end of a private discussion, the boss calls the cashier and instructs him to give such a visitor any amount of cash with instructions that he should sign for such money under guise of being intelligence agents/informers. The cashier and the boss's close aides will not question the authenticity of such a transaction. Some intelligent aides and cashiers have also been benefiting a lot by also manipulating financial records. The same applies to other resources like fuel, clearance of imported goods, secondment for employment in both government and  the private sector.The practice is even done by Museveni in State House whereby public resources are issued to friends and political patrons under the guise of carrying out special assignments. Usually the source of such funds is State House special funds and could even be in foreign currency. Moreover, such expenditures are not open to public scrutiny. That is how intelligence managers(past and present) have managed to accumulate amazing personal wealth. The  Mbabazis are aware of such fleecing and diversion of such funds by Museveni's camp managers and that is why they are not worried of the financial might from their adversaries. Even Museveni is aware that his managers fleece him of almost 70% of the resources that he commits to his dirty politicking. That is why sometimes, he personally delivers the cash to the beneficiaries through the issuing of brown envelopes and sacs of cash.

4.   By the time Kayihura met kasirivu the former had already known the later's story through Sebina Sekitoleko and other sources. Kasirivu must have been convinced by Sebina Sekitoleko to report to Kayihura. That is why Kayihura met Kasirivu in the presence of Sebina. Thats why Kayihura organised the tape recording in order to get something concrete to deliver to Mzei (Museveni) and does less talking during the proceedings. Before meeting Kayihura Sebina and Kasirivu must have discussed at length what to give Kayihura and what not to give him and at what stage so as to optimally gain financially. The two concocted the inclusion of Gen Aronda and Brig. James Mugira in the hope that their information would gain more weight. Like majority Ugandans, the two did not know the two army officers are eternally attached to Museveni. In the same vein they went ahead to involve the top church leaders. Like all information peddlers, Kasirivu was reluctant to give details of all the information he had unless Kayihura came out very clear on what benefits were due to him. Its clear Kasirivu aimed at having an audience with Museveni from whom he hoped to gain more financially including resurrecting his earlier unfulfilled pledges. That is why when Kayihura gives him one million and promises to arrange an audience with the president, kasirivu opens up further by promising to avail more informatio. Also when Kasirivu rises personal security cocerns and kayihura offers police protection, the former rejects it! The truth is that Kasirivu wanted to be armed with the much loved pistol so that he can use it to either rob or intimidate the population. Like many other information peddlers under the NRA, the practice has been to arm them. When Salongo Ssenkayi was a DMI mole in Mengo, he was armed with a pistol.

5.   Kasirivu laments about how he has accomplished alot of tasks for the NRA but was not paid. He reveals how him together with others under the command of Lt Musinguzi and Grace Turyagumanawe had masterminded the Kyunga fiasco when the Kabaka was blocked from visiting Kayunga resulting into  bloody riots. This confirms that its the likes of Kasirivu and company who have been the goons behind the disruption of peace during peaceful demonstrations, burning of Kasubi Tombs and other fires in the city, Kiboko Squad and all the chaos aimed at tarnishing the image of the opposition.  By admitting that they helped certain election contestants to gain victory,  Kayihura also confirming the partisan involvement of security forces in election rigging.

6.   What the Mbabazis have been doing is a lawful act of mobilising support for a democratic presidential bid. The only issue at hand is that they have been doing it secretly and Mbabazi is reluctant to declare his Presidential bid for fear of grave consequences from Museveni. Under Museveni a mere intent to vie for the top office or becoming popular amounts to high treason. Thats is why retired Captain Ruhinda Maguru is under incerceration. In a civilised society, there is nothing wrong with such and it would be the work of the NRM secretariate to sort out that and not members of security forces. However, since its the Secretary General who is harboring intentions, Museveni is cornered. The Mbabazis have eaten into all the structures of Museveni's private company - the NRA. The Kasirivus dont qualify to be called inelligence agents or informants for there is neither an enemy of the state nor a crime being comitted. There is no justification for Kayihura the IGP to use public resources in gathering information against those intending to contest against Museveni. That is why the Police officers were able to take the said tape recordings to the Mbabazis. To the nation such officers are patriotic but to Museveni they are subversives.

For now what Museveni can do is to drop Mabazi from Cabinet, concoct treasonous allegations against him and carry out a purge against all those whose loyalty is questionable. At worst, Museveni can either amend the NRA constitution to escape the delegates conference where the Mbabazis have laid a deadly ambush or postpone the 2016 general elections. On their part, the Mbabazis have been making calculatations basing on the much craved for change by Ugandans which the traditional opposition groups have failed to deliver. Mbabazi has moblised so much support within the NRM such that the main stream opposition can not achieve much without involving him. Mbabazi's differences with Museveni are irreconcilable and no doubt further isolates the later leaving him to only bank on the Hima/Rwandese ticket in the NRA. Recently Museveni's former head of political intelligence, Charles Rwomushana suggested that Mbabazi should be arrested and incarcerated - no wonder those are the views of Museveni's intelligence managers. You can imagine with such kind of baseless recommendation,  how much damage did Rwomushana do before he fell out with the system!!! No wonder that is the kind of intelligence analysis that Museveni enjoys to hear from his managers.

7.   It is Gen Robert Aronda as Minister of Internal Affairs and Museveni's closest confidant in the NRA who is remotely controlling the actions of Gen Kayihura against perceived opposition to Museveni's life presidency project. As a master of intrigue having been mentored by Museveni himself, Aronda unlike Kayihura operates from underground. He pretends to be shy and humble but is a very dangerous substitute. Much as Kahihura,s role in the saga has come to the public attention because of the leakage, there are many more groups and individuals running the same project and the financial cost is amazing. They all compete to attract the attention of Museveni. For General Kayihura, he was let down by excitement since he lacked experience in handling intelligence.


Sunday, 20 April 2014


As usual Ugandans are at it again; amused by Kayihura's role in theMbabazi tape saga. Interestingly, they are even questioning the IGP's neutrality! It is this ignorance of Ugandans that Museveni has exploited for decades in order to hold on to power.

Below, let me set the record stright:-

Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, the Minister of Internal Affairs and Gen. Kale Kayihura aka Kalekyezi the Inspector General of Police are Museveni's most trusted cadres. They are the helm of the country's internal affairs by design to formulate, implement/.enforce Museveni's designs of the life Presidency project. Right from the bush days, Aronda being a master of intrigue; had no other role other than whispering into Museveni's ear about those with divergent views. He had no defined role and never went for combat operations but stayed around the High Command as Muzei's (Museveni) boy.

Upon taking over power in 1986, Museveni assigned Aronda to take charge of policing Kampala city. Being a senior member of military intelligence (DMI) at Basiima House, he set up his command post at the Central Police Station (CPS) and policed the entire Kampala city. His operations were responsible for the harassment of the so called Anyanyas (people from the west nile, northern and eastern Uganda) who were linked to the previous regime. As a result many were forcefully evicted from government buildings, terminated from civil service and parastatals.The harassment was characterized by arbitrary arrests and detentions. Its during this time that many former civil servants hailing from those regions fled the the country to exile.

All along Aronda had continued to also double as the Intelligence Officer of the Presidential Protection Unit (PPU) Throughout the late 80s and early 90s. Actually his role was more than an Intelligence Officer but someone who was the top most in-charge of Museveni's personal security and covert political errands. It is that capacity that Aronda was to play a vital role in concealing Museveni's extra marital relationship with a  female State House keeper who was hailing from Aronda's home village of Kebisoni in Rukungiri. This same lady bore Museveni children and eventually became the second lady. Later on Museveni appointed Aronda as the Deputy DMI under the figure head DMI Fred Tolit. Like was the case with his son Muhoozi, Museveni has rushed Aronda through advanced military courses at overseas military colleges earning him the prestigious Past Staff College (Psc) when he was at the rank of Captain. While he was the DDMI. Museveni appointed Aronda among the army representatives to the Constituent Assembly (CA).

Its during the CA that Aronda's politicall allegiance to Museveni came to prominence. Though he made no single contribution on the floor of the CA, Aronda took the lead role in coordinating Museveni's behind the curtains role in the constitution making process. With an office at the International Conference Center manned by Susan Kazoora, Aronda would lure some CA delegates into towing the Museveni line of thinking. Among the many who fell into his trap were Musa Echweru (former UPA rebel and now Minister) and Simon Mulongo (MP). It was during the same time that Aronda  using the vast financial resources at his disposal managed to neutralise the Itongwa rebellion. The said rebellion was suspected to be a pro-Buganda uprising to demand for FEDERO (federalism) that had just been treacherously defeated in the CA. Just like Kayihura is doing against the Mbabazis, at the time Aronda used the financial might to buy off Baganda lumpens into betraying Maj. Itongwa and group. The Itongwa rebellion coincided with the controveral positions taken by Gen. Tinyefuza in the CA and his subsequent moves to leave the army. It was suspected that Tinyefuza was in alliance with Mengo. Aronda took the lead in coordinating all the intelligence gathering pertaining to Tinyefuza's relationship with Mengo. Salongo Lulika of Makulubita and son of a prominent Lukiko member was the courier between Tinyefuza and Mengo but was reporting to Aronda on every step. Then Lt. Banson Monday of DMI was tasked with surveillance on Tinyefuza both in Kampala and his home in Ntutsi. Its Aronda who was responsible for conduting huge sums of cash between State House and the some Justices and judicial officers to ensure that Tinyefuza lost the petition. To better appreciate Aronda's strength, one need to look at a scenario where former Vice President Samson Kiseka wrote a note to Aronda with pleas to help him (Kiseka) have an audience with Museveni! At the time Aronda was neither an aide de camp (ADC) to Museveni nor his Private Secretary but of course Kiseka being a founder member and one time Vice President knew what Aronda was to Museveni.

From DMI, Museveni deployed Aronda to the strategic Mechanised Brigade and then to northern Uganda to take charge of Operation Iron Fist against the LRA. Obviously, that operation was a failure and Aronda abandoned it after narrowly escaping death in a road ambush along the Karuma-Gulu Road. That ambush was rumoured to have been masterminded by NRA's own Geofrey Muheesi who at the time was feared to be a Tinyefuza loyalist. Museveni withdrew Aronda from field operations and instead appointed him the Army Commander. As Army Commander, Aronda's major role was to ensure that the army is personalised under the guise of professionalising it. To achieve this, Aronda made sure that he planted into strategic command positions a clique of officers  who had served under either DMI/CMI or the PPU. Above all, Aronda oversaw the development of the PPU into a Brigade (PGB) and later Special Forces Group (SFG). He incorporated strategic units of the army like Mechanised, artillery and air defence, air force and motorised units into the SFG. He oversaw the taking over of  its command by Museveni's son Muhoozi. Having accomplished this vital component of Museveni's life presidency project, Museveni moved Aronda to the Internal Affairs Ministry leaving Katumba Wamala as as a figure head commander of the regular army whose strength had been overtaken by the SFG. Therefore the SFG is Aronda's brain child and remains its founding father.

Having successfully accomplished personalisation process in the army, Museveni responded to thechanging political environment in the country by posting Aronda to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. His undisclosed job description is the militarisation of the regular police, turning it into an enforcement branch of his NRA party, suppression of all forms of political dissent, suffocating opposition activism, bringing the immigration services under the intelligence services, overseeing the operations of Internal Security Organisation (ISO) and the overseeing the operations of District Commissioners as heads of district security committees. Above all Aronda is charged with the enforcement of the draconian public safety act. Like Museveni, Aronda's Ugandan citizenship is questionable and now that he is the head of the National Identity exercise, he is to ensure that the highly protected Banyarwanda pastrolists (balalo) who have been a nuisance to some communities are granted citizenship through issuance of national identity cards. Also, at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Aronda is supposed to act as a link between the army and the civil law enforcement agencies like Police, ISO and Local Councils.

On his part Gen Kale Kayihura had been under the commissariate department of the army responsible for political indoctrination. He is a Mufumbira from Kisoro and son of a prominent pre-independence politicial Kalyekyezi. General Kale Kayihura decided to shorten his Kalekyezi name to Kale in order to disguise his Banyarwanda linkage though he is rumored to have been fathered by Rwakanengyere - a prominent Hima from Ankole. Museveni was later to appoint his as his Principal Private Secretary (PPS) where Kale is on record for facilitating the encroachment of Katonga wildlife reserve in Kabarole by Hima Pastrolists from Mbarara distric. In his directive, Kayihura wrote "the cattle keepers will help to check on the wrong elements hiding in the game reserve". Years later the same Kayihura was to make a similar directive for the Hema cattle keepers from DRC to occupy part of Semuliki game reserve. Museveni deployed Kayihura to head the Revenue Protection Services - an anti smuggling outfit whereby he helped a lot in planting the home boys into the prestigious revenue body (URA). Later on w Museveni was to deploy him to the police as the Inspector General of Police (IGP). Kayihura replaced Katumba wamala who had been diverted to the Police purposely to give room for Kaziini to climb the ladder. In the Police Katumba Wamala had gained some popularity among the civilians - which is treasonous under Museveni but the Police remained 'hostile'.

Kayihura together with Aronda as Deputy DMI had been responsible for smuggling Paul Kagame from Rwanda into Uganda and beyond and back when he was still the Vice President without the then President Bizimungu knowing. Aronda had been Kagame's best man during the later's wedding. It is this relationship of Aronda and Kayihura that helped alot in cementing the Kagame/Museveni relationship that had gone sour after the Congo clashes. Kayihura's role in the atrocities in the DRC's Ituri region is a subject of indictment by the ICC. His role in brutally suppressing political dissent within the country is well documented and has earned him the nickname of Afande Tear Gas.

Both Kayihura and Aronda have Museveni's blessing in whatever they do. With unlimited access to human and financial resources at their disposal, the two have the capacity to suppress and suffocate any form of dissent and opposition to Museveni's life Presidency project. They are Museveni's political assistants in charge of internal security. At all costs, the two will be the last men to abandon Museveni even after Muhoozi and likewise Museveni will never sideline them so long as he is still president. Its a big disappointment for some section of Ugandans to imagine that Aronda was demoted and sidelined when Museveni removed him from the army to Internal Affairs Ministry! It is because of such ignorant that several media houses and some Ugandans have been speculating that Aronda is in league with some big shots who have fallen out with Museveni. Actually another undisputable member of this inner circle is Brig. James Mugira the one time brutal CMI whom Museveni moved to head the Luwero Industries where the army is manufacturing secret weapons with the aid of the government of Russia. Therefore, Kayihura is the manufacturer, while Aronda is the designer and Museveni approves the quality of the product. The two Generals are running a secret newly found intelligence network after Museveni developing doubt in the formal intelligence agencies that have links to A mama Mbabazi, Generals Muntu and Ssejusa.


Wednesday, 9 April 2014


The desperate Museveni is trying to impose patriotism programs on Ugandans. For sometime now, the idea has been floating first starting with the patriotism clubs in schools and currently a law is in the offing. Of course the patriotism law will be passed and like all other of his laws, it will create offences aimed at curbing dissent.

What is clear is that Museveni has come to grips with the fact that Ugandans have discovered his lies and manipulative ways that have sustained his hold on power. No doubt the patriotism program will entail the following aspects:-

1. Indoctrinating Ugandans to love Museveni and his NRA. This will involve the skillful and gradual erasure of the word Uganda and replacing it with NRA and Museveni. In that way the history of Uganda will be rewritten to look as if it started around 1972 when Museveni went to exile and got involved in the struggle to oust president Iddi Amin. Museveni will be portrayed as the father of the nation who has an unique supper natural intelligence to lead Uganda. With time, civil servants, party cadres, members of security forces and the general population will be required to take the oath of allegiance to the Chairman of NRA (Museveni) and his ideologies instead of Uganda and its constitution. Once that is achieved he will even relinguish the Presidency to his figure head as he retains the NRA chairmanship that he will use to run the country till his death. The history pertaining to Ugandas struggle for independence will be discarded since it involves Obote, UPC, DP and the Baganda.

2. To Achieve No. 1 above, the formal education carriculum  will be twisted to suit his designs of undermining quality education that started sometime back. Much emphasis will be put on teaching political education/civics that will be nothing other than preaching the NRA gospel according to Saint Museveni. Simple technical skills will be encouraged through vocational training as a way of undermining quality education that provides the population with capacity to question  his designs. To achieve this one of the tools will be to introduce Swahili in schools with the aim of undermining the English language.  Gradually the English language which will be branded as the language of the colonisers will be replaced with Swahili as the medium of teaching. In the end the education standard of the country will drastically fall propmpting the financially able individuals to smuggle their children out of the country for quality education. In the end we shall have two types of education for the citizens i.e the quality education provided by private institutions benefiting the few and the majority poorly educated Ugandans.

With this state inspired ignorance of the general population, Ugandans will be easy to brainwash and indoctrinate. Tribal language, customs, chiefs and kings will be constrained and eventually phased out. Belief in supersititutions and traditional religious practices will be on the rise thus African solution to African problems.

3. The campaign against western imperialism will be intensified . All the underdevelopment will be blamed on the colonialists, western imperialism and their local agents (opposition parties). The school history sylabus will manipulated to eliminate the roles of early european explorers, inventors and great thinkers. The role of early christian missionaries will be despised as agents of colonialism who were responsible for dividing Africans. Instead it will be the roles of the likes of Karl Marks, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castrol, Gadafi and Museveni who will be preached as being the great men of the modern world. Western culture (entertainment, fashion and sports )will be discouraged. The more popular English Premier League will be discouraged in favor of local tournaments.

4. Physcologically preparing the population for tougher economic times to come that will be blames on donors and western imperialism. Preparing ground for tougher and unviable economic measures that will further improverish the masses because poor people are easy to manipulate. While top acheleons of the rulling clique will economically prosper, much of the national income will be invested into security forces including the intelligence services. The population will always be remainded and moblised for an immaginary impending enemy. Paramilitary training will be intensified for most adults and mandatory national service will be introduced. The masses will be moblised to spy on each other. The NRA structures right from the village to the national level will be informal intelligence stractures for the party and the its chairman leaving the nation vulnerable. In that way, it will be easy for the masses to blindly support injustified wars of agression and military adventures. The massses will forefeight their rights and freedoms of dissenting against unjust government policies. All forms of dissent will branded subversive and treasonous. offences like economic subotage  will be created and punished severely.

5. To strengthen the policy of patriotismNRA regional and district commissioners, local government councils, cadres, security forces (esp the Police and intelligence) will be accorded exclusive powers to coarse and surpress all forms of dissent. Parliament and the judiciary will be fully incorporated into the structurew of the NRA. We shall witness more army officers seconded to ministries, local government, parastals and other bodies.