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A week ago, a Kampala businessman, Mathew Kanyamunyu shot dead a social worker, Kenneth Akena at the parking area of one of the shopping malls in Kampala.

Since then the regime has behaved in such a way as to shield the culprit from the long arm of the law.  It mismanaged the scene of the crime, issued uncoordinated prejudicial statements, failed to recover and secure vital exhibits, afforded preferential arrests and detention (not at SIU Kireka and allowed the family to keep issuing defensive statements), delayed to arraign the suspect in court and other commissions and omissions.

The gun that was used in the shooting is still at large and two of  Kanyamunyu's bothers (Joseph and Moses) have been arrested in that connection.

However, the suspect Mathew Kanyamunyu has another brother called Michael Kanyamunyu who is an army officer at the rank of Captain.

Capt. Michael Kanyamunyu is among the officers who were recruited by Museveni's son Gen. Muhoozi into the army in the mid 1990s.  After his basic military training at Kasenyi, he was posted to the elite SFC where he became the Intelligence Officer for Special Operations.

By 2006, then Lt. Michael Kanyamunyu was attached to the anti-terrorism agency (JATT) when he wrote to Makerere University asking for any documents with the signature of Opoka to use in forging evidence against Dr. Besigye in the treason case he was facing at the time.

Opoka who had been a students' leader at Makerere University had also been an aide to Dr. Besigye during the early days of the ongoing struggle.

In 2007 he was promoted to Capt and continued to serve under the SFC but attached to CMI and in 2013 he was on the committee that probed the theft of soldier's supplies under AMISOM where Brig. Ondoga was arraigned before the General Court Martial.

By the time of Gen.  Ssejusa's fleeing to London in mid 2013, Capt. Michael Kanyamunyu was the head of Special Investigations Bureau (SIB) under the SFC.

In mid 2014, Capt. Michael Kanyamunyu was one of the army officers from the SFC that were rumored to have deserted and fled the country as others were being rounded up and charged with treason linked to then the renegade Gen. Ssejusa.

One such other officer is air force cadet pilot, Lt. Nakato Doreen who fled to the Netherlands.  Capt. Michael Kanyamunyu was reported to have fled to the USA.  Since then the regime has never come out to clear the air on the called defection of Capt. Kanyamunyu instead recently some soldiers of the SFC were convicted of treason.

The ongoing investigations into the disappearance of the gun that Mathew Kanyamunyu have led to the arrest of his two civilian brothers (Joseph and Moses) on suspicion that they had helped in concealing the said killer gun.

There is total silence about his other brother, Capt. Michael Kanyamunyu who would have been the first person to be contacted by Mathew Kanyamunyu after he shot Kenneth Akena.

If indeed Capt. Michael Kanyamunyu is in exile then he is a politically active dissident involved in anti-regime activism.  It is highly possible that his killer brother, Mathew Kanyamunyu has been used by the regime to spy on his exiled brother.

As is the norm,  for his personal security the regime may have illegally armed him with the gun that he used to kill Kenneth Akena thus the regime has to do everything possible to protect its image.

On the contrary, if Captain Kanyamunyu is not in exile and is in active military service, then he must have been the first person that his killer brother contacted immediately after the shooting and if there is any family member more qualified to hide the gun and tamper with the scene of crime its this Capt. Michel Kanyamunyu.  

However, the earlier version is more likely to hold water.  Suspect Mathew Kanyamunyu is not only a nephew to Eng. Winnie Byanyima, the wife to leading opposition leader, Dr. Besigye but closely connected to her - having taken care of his education.

The Museveni regime is fond of using close family members to spy on their relatives who are in the opposition.  They facilitate such spies with arms for personal protection and huge sums of cash.

On a lighter note, the other reason the regime would bother to protect such a suspect is the fear having to carry the blame for its failure to ensure security of life for its citizens.

Most intriguing is the behavior of the police that attracted tribal sentiments prompting the IGP to take the trouble of attending the burial of Kenneth Akena an ordinary person killed by another ordinary person; yet he has not been doing so during burials of victims of his brutal police.


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