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Gen. Kalekyezi beats both #Museveni and Kaka at their own game #Uganda

The ongoing bad blood between the police and ISO chiefs, Gen. Kalekyezi and Col. Kaka respectively has sent mixed feelings among Bugandans. Since the Museveni regime has not come out to clear the air, all that the public has known about the saga is from social media sources.
The 34 years old Christine Mbabazi Umuhoza claims to be a Congolese born at Bunagana near the Uganda border and grew up in Goma. That she is a widow and mother of three having lost her Congolese husband. That she started trading in Bitenge fabrics between Kampala and Goma before finally establishing residence in Uganda. That she took to Gospel singing at Christian Church in Entebbe and other churches in Entebbe. Other social media sources claim that she studied in from both Uganda and Kenya though it is reported that her English language fluency is poor and is only good at Kinyarwanda and Kiswahili. She is reported to have met AIGP Kaweesi in 2012 when she had gone to socialize at the Sheraton Hotel. ".... reaching there, I found this tall man. I later learnt he was called Kaweesi. He could speak Kiswahili and Kinyarwanda. So, I asked him to tell me his birth place. Somehow we connected because we could hear each other's languages."
Other social media sources suggested that she came to know AIGP Kaweesi in 2011 when he was the Commander Kampala Metropolitan area. That she had been a close friend for over seven years to a one Annet who was a Secretary to AIGP Kaweesi. Annet is said to have introduced Mbabazi to Kaweesi when she (Mbabazi) has a problem that required police help. That from there on, Mbabazi and Kaweesi continued communicating directly before falling in love. That two years later Kaweesi assigned Mbabazi to spying on members of the opposition and government officials who spoke ill of the regime. That around 2014/2015 Kaweesi also introduced her to Gen. Kalekyezi who also assigned her spy missions in Rwanda.
That Kaweesi used to pump money into her Bitenge fabric business. That they became deeply engaged to the extent of introducing him as her husband to her blood relations in Kampala. That they would even take trips abroad. That a day before Kaweesi was shot dead in March 2017, he summoned Mbabazi for an urgent meeting. That during the meeting he confided in her how he was worried of being killed by some people who were sending him death threats. That he handed to her his voice tape recording detailing the said threat with instructions that he should only hand it over to Museveni. That that very evening she even accompanied him to Rubaga Cathedral where he received special prayers from the Priests. That that was the last time they met when he was still alive. She attended both the requiem mass at Rubaga where she publicly pecked Kaweesi's dead body (see photo) and the burial in Kyazanga.
That around April 2017 she was attacked at her home in Kyaliwajala by four assailants who after failing to get the Kaweesi tape recording they gang rapped her for six hours. That they took off with her gospel music CDs and cell phones before she reported the incident to the police at Kyaliwajala police post. That Museveni got to know about her rape and sent a businessman, James Kibuuka a.k.a Mulowooza to ISO chief Col. Kaka with instructions to ensure Mbabazi's security. That she was taken to Mulowooza's countryside home from where she was sneaked back to town to meet Museveni to whom she handed the Kaweesi voice tape recording. That from there on she was placed under the protection of ISO.

Disgruntled former Museveni Press Secretary, Tamale Mirundi is reported to be claiming that he is the one whom Mbabazi entrusted with the Kaweesi tape recording for safe custody before she finally took her to meet Museveni. Tamale goes ahead to claim that he listened to the same tape and did not find anywhere Gen. Kalekyezi is implicated in the murder of Kaweesi but instead its other people who are implicated. Tamale goes ahead to claim that the four assailants who allegedly attacked and rapped Mbabazi in April were soldiers. Mbabazi's own alleged version contends that on 15th September 2015 Mbabazi while at her home was asked by an unidentified person to meet at Tal Cottages in Rubaga. That she rushed there only to meet the ISO boss, Col. Kaka who introduced himself to her. That Kaka put it to her that she had been paid 200M shillings by Gen. Kalekyezi to coordinate the murder of Kaweesi. That she vehemently denied that assertion before Kaka introduced before her a handcuffed man who claimed to have been one of the motorcycle raiders who killed Kaweesi. That the same suspect confirmed that he had been one of the four thugs who had gang rapped Mbabazi. That suspect went ahead to tell Mbabazi that he (suspect) had attended a meeting together with her at Katikati Restaurant with Gen. Kalekyezi and ten of his top lieutenants.
That Kaka further asked her as to why she had gone to Kaweesi's tomb to perform rituals. That after 30 minutes interrogation, Col. Kaka decreed that she was to be detained at the same hotel. That Kaka took away her cell phone sets only to return them two weeks later. That a room and armed guards were arranged and she stayed there for two weeks. That at the same hotel were staying the Boda Boda cyclist and a one Lt. Juuko of ISO. That one night Lt. Juuko attempted to access her room but was repulsed by the guard. That the following day Lt. Juuko came to her room and accused her of getting money from the President and refusing to share it. That he went ahead to warn her of dire consequences because she had refused his sexual advances yet she was sleeping around with big men. That Kaka had earlier warned her against Lt. Juuko and group who could harm her.  That later Kaka sent a car to pick Mbabazi (it’s not clear to where) for further interrogation where he attempted to force her into confessing that she was paid 200M shillings by Gen. Kalekyezi to kill Kaweesi. That she refused and boldly told Kaka that she would rather die than making falsehoods. Kaka offered soldiers under ISO to guard her at her residence.
Gen. Kalekyezi tasked the Flying Squad to "rescue" Mbabazi from her Lungujja residence but were blocked by the ISO armed guards. A standoff between the two security agencies ensued and Museveni had to send his body guards to take over Mbabazi's security. In the meantime, Mbabazi who was presumed to be a hostage embarked on a social media campaign appealing to the public. According to the Police Spokesman, Assan Kasingye said that the police had responded to a distress call by the "so called Kaweesi girlfriend" who had been held incommunicado by armed people. That a complaint of a missing person had been reported by Mbabazi's relatives at Nateete and Old Kampala police stations. That technical intelligence means had traced the victim to a house in Lungujja. The police is now rounding up all those ISO operatives who had resisted the police assault on Mbabazi's residence at Lungujja. Already, Ramadhan Bukenya, Mugerwa and Lt. Juuko are in the custody of the police.
If Mbabazi had been Kaweesi's girlfriend, her telephone communication must have been one of the dominant in his call log before, during and immediately after his killing. If so, during the early stages of investigations, why didn’t the police subject her to interrogation? Why is police pretending that Mbabazi is a stranger to them yet she seems to be well acquainted with the police top structures. Remember immediately after Kaweesi's murder the police seized his cell phones and refused to have them accessed by other security agencies. Gen. Kalekyezi is suspected to have killed Kaweesi and it’s only the other security agencies that could unearth his involvement. It is most likely that he designed the Mbabazi saga to divert the attention of these other security agencies. 
That way they wasted a lot of time on the Mbabazi line of investigations thinking that they had made a big catch. Now that it is turning out to be a hoax, Gen. Kalekyezi is playing victim of intrigue. Mbabazi is one of the several Rwandese who are operating in the region to further the Tutsi cause. They are available to take on any political assignment within the region and even overseas. For those old enough to remember, these Tutsi sustained the dreaded Iddi Amin intelligence agencies, SRB and PSU. Gen. Kalekyezi has once again dupped Ugandans, Col. Kaka, and Museveni. He is gaining upper hand in his battle with security Minister, Gen. Tumukunde.  For Col. Kaka, you are reeping from your choice to return from your two decades of retirement and serve Museveni. For Museveni, he has never been good at intelligence collection and analysis but only pays special attention to the intelligence agencies by manipulating and facilitating them for regime survival. In return, they feed him with any junk intelligence which he simply swallows without chewing.

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