Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Speaker #Kadaga and Gen. Katumba are part of the idiots serving #Museveni - #Uganda

There is a misdirected public rage against the Speaker of Museveni's rubber stamp Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga and cabinet Minister, Gen. Katumba Wamala following last week's military invasion of Parliament. Military dictator, Museveni is currently preoccupied with the removal if the constitutional 75 years presidential age limit to allow his life presidency scheme.
When the opposition legislators attempted to block the tabling of the same motion, the Speaker invited the army on the floor of parliament who violently evicted them. The move prompted a physical fight that drew in Gen. Katumba Wamala who is one of the ten army representatives in parliament. The 60 years old General was caught on camera throwing punches at his fellow M.P, the 24 years old, Hon. Zaake.  The punches sent Hon. Zaake into a comma and he has been hospitalized with a serious health condition that is being referred to India for further management.
Despite the overwhelming evidence, Gen. Katumba vehemently denied ever punching Hon. Zaake but acknowledged that he only threatened to do so. He has visited Hon. Zaake at his hospital bed where the latter publicly declared that he had forgiven him. On her part, Speaker Kadaga has arrogantly denied that she invited soldiers on the floor of parliament. Public anger against her actions has gone to the extent of some people attacking her private life. They are attributing her heartless conduct to her being childless.
The 61 years old, Kadaga has never been married and is childless. Her situation and conduct invokes the Biblical Fig Tree as in Mark 11: 12 - 24. As Jesus was coming back from Bethany, he was hungry and approached a big Fig tree in the hope of getting fruits to eat.  Disappointed by the absence of any fruits, Jesus condemned it thus; "No one shall ever get fruits from you again." The following day the same fig tree was dead all the way to its roots.
Similarly, Ugandans craving for change have been disappointed by the big Fig tree in the Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga. They are now condemning her to a childless death. Motivated by Presidential ambitions, Kadaga had initially masqueraded as someone who stood firmly in defence of the independence of the legislature. After realising that owing to several factors, her chances of pursuing that dream were very slim, she has opted to worship dictator Museveni by playing survival games.

As for Gen. Katumba Wamala, he has always been a hypocrite. His military career has been characterized by survival games. As a figurehead army chief, he played survival games when Museveni was curving out a family army from the national army. He has always conducted himself and acted in a partisan manner in handling public affairs. When he was relieved as Army chief and appointed to the cabinet, he willingly accepted well knowing that it was unconstitutional. In 2013, Museveni's appointment of Gen. Aronda to a cabinet position was challenged in the Constitutional Court and the matter has never been determined. Instead, Museveni is planning to appoint more serving army officers to public service positions.
Right from the time Museveni embarked on his journey to the presidency, he has hoodwinked many Ugandans into supporting him. Initially, unsuspecting Ugandans did not understand his dictatorial schemes. Since 2005 when his true colours came to light, whoever has continued to work for him is an idiot.

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