Saturday, 27 January 2018

UGANDA: Museveni's choice of Gen. Kalekyezi's replacement must be one to contain Gen Tumukunde's influence

From the trend of events it is probable that Museveni may soon drop Gen. Kalekyezi as head of the police. With Museveni's blessing, the police force is so highly militarised and polarised along patronage and ethnic cliques that it is only an army General that can return some semblance of sanity. The likes of Okoth Ochola, Fred Yiga and others who are traditional professional police officers have the skills necessary for running a normal civil police force. However, what exists in Uganda is a military outfit groomed to terrorise, coarse and suppress the population into a state of fear and hence submission to Museveni's military dictatorship.

For Gen. Kalekyezi, at his personal level, he has put in place a police force that owes its loyalty to him and his designs in the interest of his second master, the Tutsi regime in Rwanda. Gen. Tumukunde and company have to do a lot if they are to have some breathing space for their support for anti-Kagame dissidents. Otherwise, Gen. Kalekyezi built such an effective intelligence gathering network through patronage that even if he was to leave office, it would take long to dismantle it. Much as after eight years of politically motivated prosecution before the Court Martial, Museveni pardoned, purported to have retired, and appointed Gen. Tumukunde as Security Minister, he knows Tumukunde’s political appetite. In fact, in terms of underground political mobilization and creation of personal political empires, Gen. Tumukunde could be worse than Gen. Kalekyezi. While Kalekyezi thrived on the Rwandese ticket, Gen. Tumukunde has the First Lady as his goddess mother.

From the foregoing it can be authoritatively argued that Gen. Kalekyezi's replacement must be any of the former top military intelligence managers whose record of service and rise in rank has never been directly influenced by Gen. Tumukunde. Here below, please find a sample of the likely replacements for Gen. Kalekyezi:

1. Gen. Joseph Musanyufu is a senior military intelligence manager free of Gen. Tumukunde influence but a Mwiru, Catholic and former ADC to Gen. Muntu.

2. Gen. Angina is an Iteso, highly partisan, minimal formal education and not a Gen. Tumukunde-bred. As Division Intelligence Officer under the late Chef Ali, Angina was falsely accused of plotting some mischief against Museveni. He is highly capable the same way Gen. Katumba did, except being a Born Again, he is too honest to serve Museveni's political interests. When he poked his nose into high profile corruption scandals in the military, he was dropped and sent into fake seed distribution under OWC.

3. Brig. Tumusiime Katsigazi is a very senior low profile and a down-to-earth Hima, Lawyer, had a shot stint with military intelligence, his political inclination is not clear.

4. Gen. James Mugira is a Hima, son of Mzei Kagubare, former CMI, holder of a Masters in Law (LLM). His total lack of military training and field command exposure has undermined his rise to Army Chief. Though he can effectively counter Gen. Tumukunde's influence, he is highly partisan with a very poor human rights record.

There are other suitable candidates in the military but since the position of police chief is more politically sensitive than even that of the CDF, Museveni can't take chances. Earlier, some circles had suggested Gen. Leo Kyanda but I can authoritatively state that his appointment would confirm the view held by some people that Museveni is senile. If so, he can as well appoint the controversial legislator, Col. Ibrahim Abiriga. By the way, he also has the option of appointing his son in acting capacity as Overseer of the Police, why not!! Watch the space.

Whatever the case, Ugandans have no stake in whatever changes that may take place. The institution of national security is so irreparably broken down that citizens should only expect the worst. What is taking place in those so called "crackdown on criminals within the police" is just a realignment of the regime security and not national security. If I may borrow Amama Mbabazi's words; “DO YOU WANT CHANGE OR MORE OF THE SAME??" then you should focus on getting rid of Musevenism. As has always been the norm, Gen. Kalekyezi was used, abused and now is the time to discard him. For Gen. Tumukunde, he learnt nothing from history.


Friday, 26 January 2018

DRCongo: Behind involvement of Congolese in Museveni regime top political crimes


CHANGE OF GUARDS - Ugandans are yet to recover from the shock of a recent heinous crime in which an Accountant of Case Clinic was killed and his body burnt beyond recognition. This was after he had been kidnapped, his car and his Ug shs. 15M cash robbed. The Military intelligence led criminal investigations have linked the murder to members of one of Museveni militant groups, Boda Boda 2010. The victim's car was also recovered from a residential house occupied by three Congolese nationals with its number plate already replaced with a fake one.

Around late last year, sister security agencies were at the brink of a bloody armed clash when Museveni intervened by deploying his elite Presidential Guard unit to takeover the personal security of another Congolese, a one Mbabazi who is reportedly a "top state security asset". Ugandans who are footing the huge bills for her upkeep have never been told what business she has in Uganda.

In October 2016 a senior military intelligence (CMI) operative, Capt. Godfrey Barigye robbed 24kgs of gold from Congolese illegal gold dealers in Kampala. It is not by coincidence that Capt. Barigye at the time had been the In-Charge of Rubaga Division which is the cradle of the current Boda Boda 2010 menace. By communist design, the head of Boda Boda 2010, Hajji Abdu Kitata having been doubling as the regime (NRM) Chairman for the same Rubaga Division must obviously have been closely working with Capt. Barigye. Moreover, on top of two Congolese nationals, some of the other accomplices of Capt. Barigye like Issa and Jjemba were members of a crime syndicate whose patron is a top army General.

In almost all the incidents of mysterious high-profile murders in Kampala, the police chief was always quick to state that the suspects were either intercepted at or being tracked to the Uganda/Congo border. Yes, there is the argument that the dissident Ugandan armed group, like ADF has bases in eastern Congo but even before it emerged, Congolese kidnapped renegade Col. Ahamad Kashilingi and handed him over to Museveni for a small pay.

During Museveni's military expedition to the Congo (1998 - 2003), unscrupulous Congolese and Ugandan military elites established criminal cartels that are thriving to this day. Of all the Divisions of Kampala City it is Rubaga Division that is the home to tens of thousands of Congolese refugees, immigrants and cross-border criminals. Congolese have also been used by the regime security apparatus to break into offices of NGOs and other civil society organisations more especially those dealing with human rights. This is so because, even where CCTV cameras have captured clear footages of suspects with bleached faces they couldn't be identified by any Ugandan, which would have been a different case if Ugandans were to be used. The same has been the case with recent incidents of broad daylight kidnappings by armed men whose faces despite being very clear still couldn't be identified by any Ugandan.

Some Congolese are also treacherous by nature and the presence of a network of illegal gold dealers using Kampala as either the market (thanks to Museveni's USD 20M processing plant) or conduit route, a number of them thrive on betraying their colleagues to thieving security officers. The same group also acts as market agents of stolen items including cars and motorcycles from Uganda to Congo. Also with the alleged presence of armed Ugandan dissidents in eastern Congo provides them with an opportunity to tap into Museveni's money through information peddling.

On the other hand, you can't also rule out the high possibility of some of them being hostile intelligence agents sponsored by either Kinsasha or Kigali. Finally, not forgetting the presence and unclear status of the defeated former M23 rebel fighters. There are some questions which need to be answered.

Note: This is not to compromise the safety of law abiding Congolese refugees, businessmen and immigrants in Uganda.


Uganda Land Grabbing: Museveni dupes West Nile with a fake directive on eviction of Balalo


Uganda's military dictator has issued a directive to all RDCs in the West Nile region to oversee the expulsion of pastoralists commonly known as Balalo from the region by mid March 2018. During late last year, as Museveni was touring the region in his land grabbing campaign, locals overwhelmingly asked him to prevail over the influx of Balalo.

Like in their (Balalo) new-found lands in northern Uganda, West Nile has also bee grappling with the influx of Balalo. In February 2017 Arua District Council resolved to have all the Balalo leave West Nile region. The regional leader of the Balalo in West Nile approached the local RDC, DPC, Brigade Commander, and DISO who instead rounded and detained to arrest those who were "agitating" for the eviction. It is Against this background that in November 2017 while on a tour of West Nile the locals presented their grievances to Museveni who in return offered a fake promise to prevail over them.

With West Nile hosting this year’s Tarehe Sita national celebration, Museveni knew that the issue would be resurrected thus the current fake directive designed to dupe the residents. Otherwise, don't be surprised if the same Museveni facilitates the Balalo in West Nile to rush to Court to challenge the directive. Museveni gave the Balalo a blank cheque when he planted in the 1995 Constitution a provision allowing any Ugandan to live in any part of the country.

To ease that constitutional provision in favour of the Balalo, Museveni has systematically been according preferential economic opportunities to them to the disadvantage of the impoverished host communities. That way, the Balalo are able to use their financial power coupled by political and military backing to acquire land, grazing rights, destruction of crops, intimidation of their hosts. The strategic deployment of specific government officials like DPC, RDC, DISO, Forestry Officer, Lands Officer, Veterinary Officer and Military Commanders in the target area is systematically designed to facilitate and favour the presence of the Balalo. This website ran an exclusive piece on the issue titled; ARE THE BALALO VAGABONDS OR AN EXTENSION OF LAND GRABBING? - 9/2/2017.

During the same tour in November 2017 in Gulu, Museveni directed the army's 4th Division Commander, Brig. Emanuel Kanyesigye to ensure that the Balalo in the area have fenced off their land to control their cattle from destroying crops or else they should face eviction. Northern Uganda has also been grappling with the influx of Balalo. Different district and sub-county councils have passed resolutions to have the Balalo evicted to no avail. The latest problem of the Balalo has been prevalent in parts of Buganda, Bunyoro, Teso, Mengo, Acholiland. In Buganda, they have successfully managed to politically and economically dominate a vast part of that region before moving onto the eastern, northern and West Nile regions.

Museveni fully supports and facilitates this phenomenon. He only acted again the Balalo in Masindi and Teso for fear of a backlash from the Bagungu and Iteso in his oil and Karamojong disarmament projects respectively.

Pole Sana, West Nilers for the loss of Regional Security Officer, Gen. Noah Aluma. It’s "only' six months since Rev. Baka disappeared to Nalufenya torture chambers. Long Live NRA, Long Live Anite and Abiriga.


Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Why #Uganda’s #Museveni's prefers a "#SHITHOLE" to a "PAIR OF BUTTOCKS"


CHANGE OF GUARDS - Uganda's military dictator, Museveni has applauded US President, Donald Trump's "Shithole countries" utterances.  He said, "America has got one of the best Presidents ever, Mr. Trump, I love Trump because he tells Africans frankly, I don't know if he was misquoted or not".  Museveni went ahead to argue that " time had come for Africans to stop seeking foreign assistance to solve African problems but rather focus on solving their own problems their own way".  Obviously, Museveni is mindful of the role the west played in supporting citizens in Iraq, Libya and Ivory Coast to dislodge their despotic leadership.  He concluded by calling upon African countries to embrace integration as a way of building strength.  Again, here he was meaning military strength/alliances to help keep one another in power as opposed to ECOWAS's intervention in Gambia against Yahya Jammeh.

Earlier while meeting the Speaker of Museveni's parliament, the US Ambassador to Uganda had regretted Trump's statement.  She said; "It’s was an unfortunate comment, yes, obviously for people like me and many of my colleagues who have spent many years working in Africa have many relationships and friendships across the continent.  Obviously quite disturbing and upsetting as I know Africans themselves felt".

In April 2017 a Ugandan feminist academic, Dr. Stella Nyanzi called Museveni a "pair of buttocks" and described his wife who is the Minister of Education as having "empty-brains".  Her outrage was prompted by the regime's reneging on its earlier campaign pledge to provide free sanitary pads to school girls.  She went ahead to assert that; ".... that's what buttocks do.  They shake, jiggle, shit and frat. Museveni is another pair of buttocks.......Ugandans should be shocked that we allowed these buttocks to continue leading our country". Two months later she was brutally arrested, charged with Cyber Harassment and using the internet to disturb the peace, quiet or right to privacy of Museveni.  She was initially denied bail and remanded.  The regime's move to have her subjected to psychiatric examination was halted by an appeal to the Constitutional Court.

During campaigns, Mr. Trump had promised to "deal with" despotic leaders around the world.  He singled out Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe and Uganda's Museveni.  Museveni who at the time believed that Trump would not make it to the White House, responded by claiming not to know who he (Trump) was.  When Trump made it to the White House Museveni developed a "running stomach".  In May 2016 during his (Museveni) swearing-in ceremony he had referred to the West and the ICC as a " bunch of useless people - prompting western diplomats to walk out. 

Having realized that those Ugandans seeking to dislodge Museveni from power have failed to tap into the golden opportunity presented by Trump's tenure at the White House, he (Museveni) is now recovering from the "running stomach".  By sarcastically praising Trump as being the best USA President ever when the rest of the continental leaders are expressing furry, Museveni is aiming at using the comments to rally African leaders against the west for his selfish interests.  He is to use the comments to push for his " African solutions for African problems" rhetoric to align the continent to the communist east.

The majority of Africans have welcomed Trump's comment as the accurate description of some African countries.  If anything, owing to the mismanagement and gross abuse of human rights, Trump was kind enough not to refer to them as village pit latrines that are always swarmed by flies.  That's why tens of thousands of young Africans are perishing in the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea trying to leave some of such "SHITHOLE" countries.  Those in positions of leadership were furious just because Trump is 'inciting' their subjects.  African subjects contend that it’s the greedy and brutal leadership that has made some countries "shitholes".

It’s therefore highly hypocritical for Museveni to delink the biologically and morphologically close "shithole" and "pair of buttocks".  By glorifying Trump's "shithole" and criminalizing his own Dr. Stella Nyanzi's "pair of buttocks", Museveni is not being sincere even to himself.  We are yet to see if his (Museveni) friend, the legendary Black American rapper Snoop Dogg will reconsider his recent decision to relocate to Uganda in protest of Trump’s “racist remarks".


Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Tough choice for #Uganda’s #Museveni - threat from #Rwanda, opposition protests

"For us we are small people; agents. I work on orders; the Commander-In-Chief's orders. When you are going to war, the Commander-In-Chief gives you instruments of war. He gave me an order .... Do I have a choice? If I don't do this, he dismisses me, and of course I like my job." …. Police chief, Gen. Kalekyezi - in Ntungamo during a ceremony to hand over motorcycles to Crime Preventers - 16/12/2015.

Over a decade ago, Uganda's military dictator seconded a serving army officer to head the police force with the sole mandate of transforming it from a national police force to a coercive arm of the regime. Gen. Kalekyezi has successfully accomplished that assignment by creating a regional based and most brutal police force the country has ever witnessed. He did not only stop at that but went ahead to create various militia groups that have always unleashed violence to helpless citizens. That way, Gen. Kalekyezi grew so strong that he is Museveni's defacto Vice President In-charge of regime security. Museveni allocates Kayihura a lion's share of the national budget and in turn Kayihura has been stage managing insecurity characterized by violent robberies, maiming, kidnappings, torture, arbitrary detentions, commando raiding of courts of law, killings, land and property grabbing, suppression of political dissent, and all such evils.

Towards the February 2016 general elections, Kayihura raised a countywide militia force dubbed Crime Preventers that were afforded crash military drills before being unleashed on the population. He mobilized and empowered another group dubbed Boda Boda 2010 that took charge of insecurity in Kampala. Boda Boda 2010 was born during the 2011 general elections to sway the vote of commercial motorcycle riders in Kampala from the opposition to Museveni. In July 2016 together with the police, these goons publicly attacked and beat up opposition supporters. Consequently, some Lawyers including the Lord Mayor of Kampala instituted private criminal proceedings against the IGP and seven of his senior police officers. Instead Gen. Kalekyezi sent the same goons to attack the Chief Magistrate's Court, sieging court premises and threatening to lynch all the officers of court.

The Police Spokesperson, Polly Namaye issued a statement to the effect that the police force "appreciated the demonstrators for complying with the Public Order Management Act by notifying the police of their actions". Addressing a local government forum in Mbarara in August 2016, Museveni told his audience; " People have been attacking Kale (Gen. Kalekyezi), Kale has done a good job; he stopped fujo (disturbances); because people wanted to bring Fujo to disrupt business".

In an interview with the regime owned The New Vision in August 2016, the leader of the militant Boda Boda 2010, Abdul Kitata stated thus; “I am his (Gen. Kalekyezi) friend and I can't stand anyone who dares to get in his way. I have the capacity to save the IGP and the entire police force from any enemy. So, anyone who thinks they can destabilize the country should think twice because we have the capacity to liquidate him. I have been playing politics within security to save this country and that is why protests or defiance campaigns have failed in Kampala. I have the president's ear. I call Museveni direct anytime. I don't need to pass through anyone. I tell him what I believe is true whether it pleases him or not. And he likes me for that. I also have Gen. Kayihura's ear. By the way President Museveni invited me to State House to address his cabinet. That shows I have reached a certain level."

In September 2016, while presiding over the pass out of Police Cadet Officers at Masindi, Gen. Kalekyezi thanked Museveni for “supporting the police when I came under public criticism" for allegedly brutalizing opposition supporters. In October 2017 at a public function in Kisoro, Museveni described Gen. Kalekyezi as ".... a good and hardworking NRM (regime party) cadre and in turn the 'good cadre' renewed his commitment to support Museveni thus; " I will work not to disappoint you in the remaining time of my life."

In October 2017 the Boda Boda 2010 goons publicly attacked a bus load of teenage school children and their teachers, beat them up together with the police officers who attempted to intervene. The Police Spokesman, Asan Kasingye stated that "Boda Boda 2010 don't work under the IGP. I don't know who they are because they are not under the police. You may need to crosscheck with Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA). Gen. Kalekyezi told his audience that "Boda Boda 2010 helped the police especially during demonstrations and protests in the city from opposition politicians. Those who want the group disbanded are the enemies of peace in the city".

In December 2017 Gen. Kalekyezi ordered the Traffic Police officers off the streets of Kampala city, prompting a terrible traffic jam. Shortly after, during a public function at Kulambiro in Kampala, the same IGP arrogantly disclosed thus; " I am the one who ordered that since they (traffic officers) have been sacrificing a lot and they are criticized they should leave them. You saw the chaos. I instructed them to go back and work." He also went ahead to disclose that the militant Boda Boda 2010 was a supplement to security agencies thus; “they helped security agencies to stop riots in Kampala but after things turned in government's favor, some people want to drive them out of work. He said; " Some people who are making noise about them are seeing that things have cooled down and they have eaten to satiety; so, they want to burn the granary."

A Rwandese Tutsi immigrant, Gen. Kalekyezi has strong links with the Tutsi regime in Rwanda. His father was deported by the colonial government in the late 1950s for stealing guns for 'terrorist' activities before being excommunicated by the Catholic Church. With Museveni's blessing, a section of top security managers in Uganda are bent on supporting Rwandese dissidents opposed to the Kagame regime. Gen. Kalekyezi has been directly facilitating the kidnapping and forceful return of Rwandese refugees and shooting dead of some Rwandese dissidents in Uganda. Gen. Kalekyezi has used his position to build a nationwide intelligence network that not only collects information on political opposition in Uganda but on activities of Rwandese dissidents. He systematically serves two masters i.e. Museveni and Kagame.

In Uganda, Kayihura is responsible for the regime's survival more especially as regards the February 2016 election rigging and subsequent suppression of opposition activism. Museveni's attention was drawn by allegations of Gen. Kalekyezi being groomed by Rwanda to eye the presidency of Uganda. Consequently, late last year Museveni sanctioned a crackdown on senior police officers who are alleged to have been involved in kidnapping of Rwandese refugees. In revenge, Gen. Kalekyezi also used his position to intercept a group of 45 Rwandese dissidents who had been recruited and facilitated to travel to Congo. They are facing charges of terrorism though it’s not clear whether the said terror activities were against Uganda or Rwanda!!

Just last weekend Museveni again sanctioned another military crackdown of the top leadership of Gen. Kalekyezi's notorious Boda Boda 2010. Their leader Abdul Kitata and 29 of his top executives and aides have been arrested by the military. They are accused of the murder of an Accountant before robbing his car, 15m shillings, and burning his dead body beyond recognition. From their offices and residences, dangerous items including suspected cars and motorcycles, used Number plates, implements used in maiming victims and breaking into offices were recovered. An attempt to violently protest the crackdown was suppressed by the army. The crackdown continues and unfortunately gullible Ugandans are jubilating in a false anticipation of improvement in security and respect for human rights.

Museveni has yielded to the pressure from Gen. Kalekyezi's political and military rivals led by the equally powerful and dangerous Security Minister, Gen. Tumukunde and his close Aide, Col. Abel Kandiho, the CMI. They must have persistently presented intelligence reports that point to Gen. Kalekyezi's Rwanda-linked political ambitions. However, the unconvinced Museveni has been and continues to brush off such reports but at the same time, typical of him, he does not want to take chances but also not to disappoint Gen. Kalekyezi's rivals.

In the same regard, mindful of the demoralizing effect on his oppressive machinery put in place by the General, Museveni may not yield to pressure to relieve Gen. Kalekyezi of his position. He faces threats paused by deteriorating relations with Rwanda against that of potential opposition protests. To a greater extent Museveni is convinced that the threat of opposition led protests is simply imaginary.

From the foregoing, gullible Ugandans ought to know that whatever Gen. Kalekyezi does, he has the full blessing of Museveni and even if Museveni relieved Kayihura of his position, it would be simply a change of guards. It is a situation of jumping from the frying pan to the fire.

Therefore, Museveni is caught between the rock and the hard place.


Saturday, 20 January 2018

Lt Harrison Obote - you are not alone in reaping what you sowed - #Uganda


This week the press in Uganda was awash with an open letter to Museveni from a one Lt. Harrison Obote complaining of unfulfilled promises by the former for the latter’s role in ending the LRA insurgency. In his complaint, he narrates how Museveni had promised him a lot of moral and material gratification but to no avail. He singles out remaining at the rank of Lieutenant for decades (since 1991) while his colleagues have risen and become Generals. He claims that he "is living a life of suffering" because of unfulfilled promises. Furthermore, he claims that with a meagre monthly salary of 700,000 shillings (USD 200), he can hardly even afford public transport fare to and from work. He laments that "those recruited in the army recently have good houses, drive posh cars but I still live in a rented house and can't afford transport from home to work."

The Army Spokesperson, Brig. Richard Karemire has accused Lt. Harrison Obote of peddling lies in the press. He went ahead to claim that the said officer was not a Lieutenant but a Captain before accusing him of being insincere for "he was among the army officers who were promoted in November 2017". Note: If Lt. Harrison Obote has a military unit, he ought to have seen his name on the list of newly promoted officers on the GAO which is circulated to all units. On 31/12/2017 this website; ran a piece titled: WHAT IS SECRET ABOUT MUSEVENI'S GAO? We examined the controversial issue of army promotions following the trial conviction of six junior officers for alleged leakage of the promotion list. Therefore, the uncoordinated information pertaining to Lt. Obote's promotion should not come as a surprise.

Lt. Harrison Obote's uncle, Okot Lagony is the father of Museveni's aide, Maj. Koch Mugabe. Okot Lagony was a brother of rebel LRA's first Army Commander, Otti Lagony who is alleged to have been killed by Joseph Kony. Lt. Harrison Obote was a key state witness in the treason trial of then Brig. Moses Ali who is now a General and the Third Deputy Prime Minister. In arranging to negotiate with LRA, Lt. Harrison Obote was contracted by the Museveni regime to take LRA leader, Joseph Kony's parents to Sudan to meet their rebellious son. Shortly after he was briefly arrested by the militant Civic Defense Team on orders of Maj. Kakooza Mutale for alleged insubordination. Lt. Obote was rescued by the intervention of State House. In October 2003 Lt. Obote was used by the regime in a ploy to frame Dr. Besigye's wife, Winnie Byanyima on treasonous charges. At the time Byanyima was the M.P of Mbarara Municipality. Lt. Harrison Obote volunteered to be charged with treason jointly with a one Bashir Khamis and Simon Tolit and were remanded to Luzira Prison by the Buganda Road court. The alleged treason charges had sought to link Hon. Byanyima with the LRA rebellion.

With the end of the LRA insurgency, Lt. Harrison Obote was dumped under ISO. He was used and abused and like anybody else who was lured into supporting Museveni, he too was dumped before he realised that he had been duped hence the lamentation. His claim that some security officers cheated him of his USD 100,000 given by the Carter Center corroborates the longstanding argument that security officers had vested interest in the insurgency.

In 1988 rebel UPDA's Angello Okello signed a peace deal with Museveni but died a few days later. Dr. Anthony Okullo who footed the bills for his medical treatment is still claiming reimbursement. The same fate befell Maj. John Kilama who was shot dead in cold blood around Jinja Port. DP's Ssemogerere and UFM's Kayira and their followers who joined hands with Museveni had to pay a heavy price. Rebel ADF's Chief of Staff, Commander Benzi alias Tushabe Munyangobdo who surrendered to Museveni was paid in equal currency.

ADF’s Maj. Kigundu who surrendered to Museveni was recently paid in blood. Gen. Oketta who lead the UNLA on the final assault on Kampala in 1986 that handed Museveni power was recently "rewarded" too. Not to mention the notorious police officers like Felix Kaweesi, Sam Omara and others who excelled in brutalizing the opposition in Kampala. What about the police and army whistleblowers like Ali Kabanda who was used in kidnapping of Ugandans and Refugees and most recently CMI's Special Operations Sgt Issa Arinaitwe who has fled the country. Sgt Kifurugunyu was carried by good Samaritans in a wheelbarrow to the hospital before he died of anguish.

Take heart brother, that's the game and you are not alone.