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UGANDA: Museveni's grand daughter threatens to use her genitals to hit his teeth (VIDEO, PHOTOS)


CHANGEOFGUARDS - Uganda's military dictator is fond of referring to the youth of Uganda as Bazukulu (grandchildren) as he in return also calls himself Jajja (grandfather).
After spending two months in police custody, a 21-year-old woman, who allegedly recorded a video threatening to hit President Museveni with her genitals if he didn’t release Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi from prison, has been remanded to Luzira Prison.

Prosecution contends that during the month of August in Kampala and Wakiso District, Namata used a computer to record and transmit videos in which she made suggestions or proposals referring to President Museveni as “buttocks”, “feces” and threatened to use her private parts to hit his teeth.
Prosecution says the suggestions are or proposals are obscene, lewd and indecent. On the count of offensive communication, the state claims that Namata willfully and repeatedly used electronic communication to transmit videos offensive in nature via WhatsApp to disturb or attempted to disturb the peace, quiet or right to privacy of the president.

A couple of other Ugandans have been arraigned before court for "disturbing the peace" of Museveni. Among them is a Makerere University don, Dr. Stella Nyanzi who in April 2017 was arrested, detained and accused of similar charges after she verbally attacked both Museveni and his wife by calling them "a pair of buttocks"

Uganda's leading opposition figure has repeatedly called upon oppressed citizens to use all available means to challenge Museveni's military dictatorship. Following Museveni's life presidency constitutional amendment of late 2016, Dr. Besigye urged citizens thus;
“Defending the constitution is constitutional. And this can be done using all means including taking up guns. Even if Ugandan choose to take guns to restore the force of the constitution, they are within the law. We invite the people of Uganda to do their duty seriously to restore the effect of this constitution so we can have peaceful transition. Every campaign that answers to this call is welcome."

The carnage which Museveni has subjected Ugandans to accounts for the young lady's source of anger and rage. She is representing the position of millions of other Ugandans. Being helpless, she found her private parts as the only weapon at her disposal. Fortunately, Museveni set free Hon. Bobi Wine before this courageous young lady could unleash her weapon. She has played her part and made a contribution in the struggle for freedom from Museveni's dictatorship.

Therefore, let all pro-change forces combine efforts in fighting for her freedom. Abandoning her will be a treasonous betrayal. Already, she has spent months in police custody contrary to the constitutional 48 hours. Let the cries for Namata's freedom and rights be heard far and wide.


Tuesday, 30 October 2018

UGANDA: When attempted murder, kidnap, torture by Museveni's cohorts is not criminal


Change of Guards - State Minister for Lands in the Cabinet of Uganda, Persis Namuganza has been accused of stealing a woman’s husband and using her influence to detain and torture the woman. Nakazibwe was kidnapped by armed men, some in police uniform before detaining her in one of the infamous Safe Houses. For three months, she underwent physical and psychological torture while being questioned as to why she had had a kid with Minister Namuganza's husband.

Upon release on Police Bond, found out that her now homeless mother had been forced to sell their only piece of land at a paltry Shs 3,000,000 to save her from the illegal detention. The badly injured Nakazibwe was hospitalized on the orders of then Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura who reportedly promised to help Nakazibwe’s mother reclaim her land but only to be sacked a few days later. The distressed Nakazibwe reached out to Kayihura’s successor, Okoth Ochola who referred her to CID headquarters at Kibuli where she was supposed to open a case. The police officers were reportedly coerced by Namuganza and no case has been opened.

Through, M/s Rwakafuzi and Co Advocates, Nakazibwe has sued the Attorney General for the sufferings she endured in the hands of policemen allegedly hired by Namuganza.

In another development, the Kanungu District Woman Member of Parliament Elizabeth Karungi has been sued for allegedly masterminding the poisoning of a female Parliamentary staff in mistaken target, she suspected of having an affair with her husband. The victim, Ms Donna Kamuli, filed the civil suit against the MP in the High Court in Kampala yesterday. She took the poison and amidst worsening health condition she immediately reported the matter to the parliamentary Police. She went for treatment in Nairobi from where she has been referred to South Africa for further management.

In both cases, the matter was timely reported to the police which did nothing. The institution of civil proceedings is out of whack in UGANDA since police deliberately suffocated the criminal proceedings. Unfortunately, technically criminal proceedings in such cases would have preceded the civil proceedings. It can therefore be authoritatively argued that the civil proceedings are bound to make no headway. That is the level of impunity and abuse of authority by Museveni's cohorts.

For newcomers, here-below is a reproduced clear testimony of the extent of impunity;

Change of Guards
April 9, 2018


S.160 of the Magistrates Court Act (MCA) stipulates that;
"In criminal cases, a Magistrate may promote reconciliation, and encourage and facilitate the settlement in an amicable way of proceedings for ASSAULT, or for ANY OTHER OFFENCE OF A PERSONAL OR PRIVATE NATURE NOT AMOUNTING TO A FELONY AND NOT AGGRAVATED IN DEGREE. Such settlement takes the form of payment of compensation or other terms approved by the court, and may, thereupon order the proceedings to be stayed."

The above provision applies to minor offences of a personal nature like assaulting (beating) some one without causing any serious injury or simple theft of an item, thus misdemeanors. It does not apply to more serious ones commonly referred to as misdemeanor and more so, capital offence.

On 13th December 2017 in Kampala, Bryan White shot and seriously injured his neighbour, Victor Bitwiire shattering Victor’s shoulder outside his residence. White rushed the victim to the hospital from where he was arrested by the police. He was detained at Kabalagala Police Station and the gun that he used was recovered from his residence. He denied having shot Victor Bitwiire saying that he had only helped a man he found lying in the trench near his home.
According to the Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) commander, Frank Mwesigwa, the recovered gun was neither marked nor registered with any security agencies in Uganda. He suspected that it may have been smuggled into the country. He went ahead to disclose that the police had "arrested the person they suspected to have helped him to get the gun so that we know the source."

Shortly after the police arrested two of its own police officers from Kabalagala Police Station who had been the official bodyguards to Bryan White. The incident prompted the IGP to order for an audit of all police firearms starting with pistols. He further ordered for development of a computerised register for all firearms. Bryan White was transferred to the Nalufenya high profile detention facility.
Around late December 2017 Bryan White and his police bodyguard Cpl Thomas Okoth who is attached to the Crime Intelligence Division were charged with attempted murder of Victor Bitwiire. They denied the charges and were remanded to Prison.

Around early January 2018 Bryan White and Cpl Thomas Okoth were granted a cash bail of 10m shillings each. Each of their sureties were conditioned to a non-cash bond of 20m shillings each. Bryan White was further ordered to deposit his passport in court and not to travel outside the country until the matter was disposed off.
On 2nd March 2018 the Resident State Attorney at Makindye, Happiness Ainebyona informed court that the matter was headed for reconciliation. She further disclosed that "the police Investigations Officer had taken the file for purposes of facilitating an out of court negotiation between the parties and all they need is sometime to see if these talks yield fruits." The matter was adjourned to 9th April 2018.

On 9th April 2018, the Resident State Attorney Happiness Ainebyona informed the trial court presided over by His Worship Kakooza that "the case file had been forwarded to the DPP for further guidance since the two parties had reconciled." She further disclosed that "the state intends to withdraw the charges as soon as the case file is brought back from the DPD's office." The matter was adjourned to 24th April 2018 for the DPP to give a final decision.
In a related earlier development, on 24th October 2017 outside Bryan White's same residence in Kampala, he had shot and injured Ivan Bogere who was returning from a night club. Bryan White claimed he was a thief and refused to rush him to the hospital. It was the yelling by Bogere that attracted people from the neighborhood who called the police that took him and dumped him in Mulago hospital where he is admitted todate. A case of attempted murder was reported at Katwe police station but the police was bribed by Bryan White not to follow-up the matter. Bogere is now suing for damages in the High Court but unfortunately his Lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuzi has also been blinded by Bryan White's money. Instead of helping his helpless client to pursue the criminal matter of attempted murder first so that it will act as evidence in the civil action for compensation, he is just exploiting him.

Bryan White is a strong regime tool used for neutralizing the influence of M.P Bobi Wine among the youth. He has a licence to commit any crime including murder and get away with it. However, out-of-court settlement in serious criminal offences is a new phenomenon. We have been witnessing Museveni blocking investigations or indirectly ordering the DPP to discontinue criminal proceedings, in some cases influencing court decisions and reversing court decisions through kidnap of freed suspects. If allowed to take root, it is setting a very dangerous precedent.

Ugandans want to know where Bryan White got the gun from. They want to know why he was not charged with illegal possession of the gun. They want to know who pulled the trigger? They want to know who deployed the police officers to guard Bryan White and why. They want to know why the police officer is not charged with allowing Bryan White to use his gun. They want assurance that Bryan White will not continue to shoot them. They want to know why the two accused were not charged before the court martial since a civilian had used a gun.

In criminal law, punishment is meant to disable, deter and discourage the accused and other potential offenders from committing further offences. If the police had property handled the attempted murder case of Ivan Bogere in October 2017, the second similar incident of December 2017 wouldn't have arisen. Similarly, if the Chief Magistrates Court illegally exonerates him in the instant case, Ugandans should have more reason to worry. It will be like giving him a licence to shoot and maim or kill and then pay compensation.
Bryan White's cash offers are too attractive to resist. Where is ULS, JSC, IGG, Inspectorate of Courts, Human Rights defenders????

Just a week after Bryan White was cleared of attempted murder, his overspeeding heavy convoy comprised of army and police commandos knocked dead a motorcyclist. The matter was as usual simply swept under the carpet.

Museveni should simply declare that its only his military courts to handle criminal proceedings so that the impunity of his cohorts is not subjected to public scrutiny.


Sunday, 28 October 2018

UGANDA: Darkness at noon - Museveni sanctions arbitrary killings & brutality @JustinTrudeau @AntonioGuterres @UNHCR @UN @EmmanuelMacron @UPDFspokespersn @PoliceUG @UN @Aljazeera


For the last 32 years, Museveni's reign has been characterized by violently suppressing any form of political dissent. While in the past he would attempt to conceal such heinous crimes, ever since he made no secret of his life presidency scheme, he has also declared the vice as an acceptable practice. He is now behaving like a wounded lion. While his government executives and security officers are fond of cosmetically apologizing, he has always personally defended and encouraged the practice.

The most recent incidents are as follows:-

1. He ordered his army to kill more than one hundred innocent souls in Kasese in November 2016. In an interview with Aljazera in May 2017 he defended the killings;

ALJAZERA: The man who led the assault on Kasese said, his name is Peter Elwelu ; he was a brigadier in the army at the time and instead of him being now in the court, he was promoted to General and he is now the commander of the Land Forces. If you have those people in the court, why don't you also have those people who opened fire on your citizens alongside those people in the courts now to answer to the questions?

MUSEVENI: That means he was doing his duty...

ALJAZERA: To kill more than 100 people...
To deal with...
And now he was promoted

MUSEVENI: Yes, I am the one who promoted him...

ALJAZERA: And two days ago, the US government refused... they blocked his going to Malawi to attend a conference on security because of that.

MUSEVENI: I don't know about the United States. Uganda is big enough for Maj Gen Elwelu to operate there; I don't know why he is dying to go to the United States but...

ALJAZERA: He wasn't going to the United States, he was going to Malawi and he was blocked by the Americans because they are supervising that conference; because of what he did in Kasese, so he is accused.

MUSEVENI: Well, I am not a prefect about American actions, I am a leader of Uganda and I am telling you that Elwelu did his duty and there is now peace in that area.

So it was pacified because it was crashed.
It was definitely justified but but definitely, all this will come in the court.

On the recent killings and maiming in Arua by his bodyguards, according to The Observer, he told his Parliamentary Caucus thus;
"He saluted the SFC that they acted with restraint. That they are not trained to keep law and order but to fight. He told us that they really acted with restraint," Museveni reportedly emphasized that the SFC defended themselves as trained.

"He said this that after his bodyguards dropping him to Arua airfield, the SFC returned to engage the opposition supporters. Another source said: "the president told us that he summoned the SFC and they told him what happened that day in Arua. That they said Bobi Wine and Zaake were fighting with his commandos 'forgetting commandos never joke around' so they had to legally beat them up."

3. A few days later, on his elite special forces brutally beating up Journalists and protesters in Kampala, he is reported to have told his Parliamentary Caucus;
"The president said he had been briefed by security agencies that Akena (photo journalist) was mistaken to be a petty thief and rioter trying to steal a journalist’s camera,” one of the legislators part of the caucus said on condition of anonymity.

Museveni added that he was also made aware Akena was not properly identified as a journalist and did not have a press kit to differentiate him from rioters.
“He said the soldiers were fighting with looters and this person came to pick a camera and the soldiers thought he was one of them(looters),”

4. Early this month he congratulated his men for arbitrarily killing an endangered Muslim youth;

“I am sure I am speaking on behalf of many of you when I congratulate the CMI squads which arrested a number of suspects in the killing of ASP Kirumira. In the process, one of them, by the names of Kateregga Abdu, was shot and later died of his injuries. This, therefore, is to put on notice all the killers that the wages of sin is death ( Romans 6:23 ).” He adds.

5. On the most recent ugly incident where his gun wielding and plain clothed security agents were filmed brutalizing and kidnapping a one Yusuf Kawooya, he has now come out to defend them thus;
"The security person who was seen using a rifle butt may have made a mistake. When I inquired, the concerned people told me that the suspect had bitten him (okuruma). That is very serious because some of the criminals have got infectious diseases. Our officer can be infected in that way and that should be an extra charge put on him."

In the same circular to all the security agencies, he has gone ahead to give them a green light to kill, maim and pillage thus;
"Therefore, those who speak about this subject should know that rioters, under certain conditions, can be shot legally and can also be beaten legally and legitimately. When it comes to suspected terrorists or murderers, running away from the arresting team is a serious mistake. You will be shot. Why? If the Police do not disable you or kill you, they may never get another chance to catch you so that you answer for your crimes.

In the meantime, the criminal may commit more crimes. Therefore, shooting a terrorist who is running away from the security forces trying to arrest him/her, is in order not to allow him/her to escape from the forum where accountability is possible (by being tried in the courts of law) and also to protect the public against further crimes."

He finally expressed his insensitivity to the negative image being portrayed thus;
"Firm action against trouble-makers, if manipulated by the Press of those who seek hegemony over Africa, may worry the public and frighten away tourism from some of the areas. This will be compensated for by tourists from China, Russia, Arabia, etc. In the end, the Ugandans will be very happy and so will the foreigners, investors and, eventually, the tourists from all sources."

And then you hear some gullible and sadist Ugandans talking about a National Dialogue - to discuss the country's future with a self proclaimed murderer!!!!

change of guards

Saturday, 27 October 2018

UGANDA: List of 16 to be assassinated is test for Museveni's CCTV cameras


“Let's keep the faith. The problem of urban insecurity perpetuated by armed assassins riding boda bodas will be solved. What we needed were eyes, ears and a nose to sense them. It is what the cameras will do. Once we see these criminals, we shall get them."

Museveni, speaking during the Commissioning of the CCTV cameras at the National Command and Control Centre at Nateete Police Station - 9th October 2018.

At the launch, 122 live CCTV cameras have been tested out of the 150 meant to monitor areas of Lungujja, Old Kampala, Rubaga, Kasubi, Kawaala, Kabowa, Natete, Mutundwe and the surrounding areas.

Hardly two weeks later, a list with 16 people including government officials, cultural and traditional leaders and politicians was early this week released sending panic among the people listed for assassination. The list is reported to have been delivered to the residence of Hon. Moses Kasibante (M.P) in Rubaga - a few metres to Nateete Police Station. A strange lady riding on a Boda Boda and claiming to be from Nateete Police Station is reported to have handed them to Hon. Kasibante's House Maid with instructions that upon return home he should call the same police station.

Among the people listed included Kyadondo East legislator and singer Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine , Buganda premier Charles Peter Mayiga and Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa , Moses Kasibante(Rubaga North MP). Others on the list include Ntungamo Municipality MP, Gerard Karuhanga, Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Kawempe South MP Mubarak Munyagwa and Kampala Minister Beti Kamya. Titular head of Muslims, Kassim Nakibinge, former Kampala Metropolitan South Commander Siraje Bakaleke and deputy Police Spokesperson, Patrick Onyang.

Instead of reassuring the public about the threat level, the police reacted by hastily offering protection;

“We ask those people to be cautious of their personal security and safety, report anything suspicious. Our commanders will have an engagement with each of the people on the list to share information with a view of protecting them.”

One would have expected to see the police calming the public with a statement to the effect that it was still analysing the CCTV camera footage to identify the people and the motorcycle that they used to deliver the said lists. It is as if they had been looking for a way of attaching their intelligence agents in form of bodyguards but just to keep a close eye on the principals' associations and dealings.

Coincidentally, the same police have earlier said they had received intelligence reports indicating imminent attacks on VIPs in various parts of the country before, during and immediately after independence celebrations that were held on October 9.

“The police have intelligence that some criminal elements within and outside the country may want to commit heinous crimes against members of the public especially VIPs like Hon. Ministers, MPs, senior executives and security personnel during or after October 9 when Uganda celebrates her independence, ”police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said in a statement early this month.

The Museveni regime usually issues such hoax security threat warnings for purposes of keeping the masses in a state of fear, to curtail opposition activists freedom of assembly and to stay relevant in the global fight against terrorism as a source of not only foreign exchange but blackmailing the west.

If those lists were not drawn by the regime, it should inform Ugandans why their much cherished CCTC cameras were not able to capture the delivery of the hit list. Otherwise, the development implies that if they had intended to go and assassinate Hon. Kasibante, they would have executed their mission and vanished without trace. 

 But again, which private individual would dare to do that in full view of the recently launched CCTV cameras and moreover in Rubaga area which is the home of the CCTV camera Command Center??

Therefore, the incident posed a test to the capability of the shillings 450b CCTV cameras project. However, this does not mean that anyone on that list can't be killed by the usual "pigs".

change of guards

Friday, 26 October 2018

UGANDA: Why Capt. Omara won't know if Museveni's SFC is holding Keeza


The Special Forces Command (SFC) has dismissed claims that its officers were involved in the kidnap of a young woman named Patience Katushabe Keeza. She has been missing for nearly a month. She was reportedly kidnapped by unknown men on Friday September 28th from her work place in Kampala. Her captors, according to colleagues, claimed to be operatives of the SFC. They reportedly told her they were taking her to the Kampala Central Police Station (CPS) to record a statement.

The SFC spokesperson Capt. Jimmy Omara has said the elite force wasn’t involved in the said kidnap.
“I asked my leaders and I asked everyone around here; no such person was picked by any member of the SFC."
“Although that’s what was alleged, we have tried to find out, but I assure you, no officer of the SFC carried out such an operation.”
“We know that there are many people who have been going around duping people in the name of the SFC, and sometimes such a stain can be hard to remove, but we ask the members of the public to be on the lookout for such people.”

The SFC which is an elite force charged with keeping Museveni in power until when he hands over the mantle to his son, has of recent openly embarked on suppressing any form of political dissent. It is also leading in cracking down suspected Rwandese spies. The Rwandese name of Keeza is the western Ugandan tribes' version of Karungi. The missing Keeza must be a Munyarwanda and her arrest must be linked to the ongoing Rwandese spying allegations. She joins the list of a couple of other Rwandese who have been arrested by Museveni's security machinery in what the Rwandese Embassy has repeatedly decried as systematic harassment of its citizens.

From the a foregoing, Capt. Jimmy Omara should be excused because he wouldn't know if the SFC was holding Keeza. On the other hand, a Kiconco, Mwine, Nwesigwa, Mugisha, Nsasirwe, Kyabitama, Rwakyozi, Rwakiremba and others in that category would be in a position to know but still would not also be in a position to disclose. A Capt. Jimmy Omara speaking for a predominantly Kiruhura SFC is inconceivable. He is just a figurehead Spokesman for the SFC.

The family of Keeza should swallow the humble pie and reach out to the Rwanda Embassy to have its voice added on their cries.

change of guards

AFRICA: It is too early for Kampala to rejoice over Rwanda's Gen. Kabareve exit (PHOTOS)


Rwanda’s Paul Kagame recently made some reshuffles in the command structure of his military and police force, removing Gen James Kabarebe from the powerful position of Defence Minister. The long-serving police chief Emmanuel Gasana was also dropped and replaced by Dan Munyuza, who had been serving as Deputy IGP in charge of Operations. Gasana was posted to the less significant position of Governor of the Southern Province. Gen. Kabarebe will now serve as the Senior Defense and Security Advisor in the Office of the President.

Both Gen. Kabarebe and Brig. Dan Munyuza formerly served under Museveni's military Intelligence (DMI) in the late 1980s before they left to take over power in Rwanda. Kabarebe headed the Registry with the help of among others then Sgt. Richard Karemere (current Museveni army spokesman) and then Private Dan Munyuza. In Rwanda, both Kabarebe and Dan Munyuza have held various top positions in the security services thus strong pillars of the Kagame regime. Gen. Kabarebe is renown for having been Congo's Chief of Staff under Kabila (Snr) in the late 1990s. Ever since the Kisangani clashes of the late 1990s which were commanded by Gen. Kabarebe, sour relations between Kagame and Museveni have never fully recovered. Both Kabarebe and Munyuza are reputed for being a thorn in these relations.

On 20th June 2018, at a public function in Rwanda's western region, Gen. Kabarebe made a shocking attack on Museveni;
"You’re scavenging in Uganda. Why do you scavenge in Uganda? Why don’t you build your own country? Why go to be in a foreign land? We left Uganda, we lived in Uganda as refugees, we gave our blood and lives for that country. But now, we gave our blood to liberate our own country, let them also come here because there is no need of you going to Uganda for scavenging. In all indicators we are doing better than them. Whatever knocks/happens in Uganda, Rwanda is always blamed. When someone dies at the hands of a Ugandan or the state when fighting their own issues, they will always blame Rwanda or a Rwandan. In all incidences, their fingers are always pointing towards Rwanda. These blame games means something else. Uganda isn’t happy of our peace, developmental progress and Rwanda’s leadership that has reached at another level in trying to develop the country and Rwandans. They are just jealous and envy, nothing else. Why do we need to go there? Why not build our country and let the rest including Ugandans come to live in Rwanda. We shall welcome them.”

The reshuffles come amidst heightened tension between Kampala and Kigali.
On the other hand, former police chief Gasana had gotten more closer to his then counterpart in Uganda, Gen. Kalelyezi who was recently sacked over alleged Rwanda backed plot to have him overthrow Museveni. While the reshuffle on the surface looks as easing tension, Gen. Kabarebe's current position equates him to Museveni's Gen. Saleh who, despite being structurally outside Museveni's security apparatus, not only remains a strong pillar but is at the center of Museveni - Kagame relations. Both Gen. Kabarebe and Gen. Saleh remain the defacto number two to their respective Presidents.

Therefore, the status quo in terms of relations between Museveni and Kagame remains the same unless the fundamental question is addressed.

change of guards

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

UGANDA: Museveni's dreaded CMI can now release captives on army bond


After his savage arrest on October 18, Mr Kawooya was driven in a taxi bearing a fake number plate to an unknown place and the family spent the last few days trying to establish his whereabouts.
Police denied detaining him;
“No, they are not police officers and we are looking for them,”Kayima said.
“The Police did not sanction participation in that operation. What happened is unacceptable in a country like ours where rule of law is critical.”

Instead, the army reportedly stage-managed a mock trial of five people it claimed were its soldiers who were involved in the brutal arrest and kidnap of Kawooya. Though the five accused pleaded guilty to the simple offence of conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline, the army is stuck with sentencing them. Much as the same offence carries a maximum sentence of dismissal from the army, the appropriate charges should have been the capital offences of torture and kidnap which are only triable by either the High Court or the General Court Martial. The Army is now buying time to allow public anger to cool down.

Yesterday, his family and lawyer were turned away when they went to CMI headquarters in Mbuya to look for him.
“We have been at CMI, we made an attempt to meet Kawooya, but we were unable to see him because the people who were there told us the officers who should have granted us the access to meet him were in a closed-door meeting." Mr Kakande said.
He said CMI officials had confirmed that they were holding Mr Kawooya at their facility.
“They have confirmed keeping him and said the closed-door meeting is to decide whether to release him today or not,” he said.

CMI finally dumped Kayooya to the police before the family finally located him at the Special investigation Unit in Kireka, a police detention facility. Today, the opposition's Hon. Kabaziguruka secured his release;
“No charges have been preferred against him yet. He will report back to Special Investigations Division on October 31."

The truth is that the army had no serious criminal charges against the victim, Kawooya. Either he was held in line with the usual harassment of opposition activists or as usual CMI was engaged for pay to settle private business deals gone sour or revenge. That is why they have easily released him without charges. It is for the same reason that it can't disclose the full identities of the accused soldiers. We challenge the army to dress the so called soldiers in full army uniform bearing their name tags.

What is worrying is that now CMI can shamelessly kidnap, torture, detain and release on bond. Just three months ago, we raised a red flag over allowing family members to visit victims of kidnap illegally held in safe houses;

18 July, 2018


When the Ugandan dictator’s schemes to forcefully hold onto power became more pronounced over a decade ago, he resorted to kidnap and detention of his political opponents in ungazetted secret detention facilities. Security agencies like civil intelligence (ISO), military intelligence (CMI), police and other adhoc intelligence outfits all ran safe houses. The essence was for victims to be subjected to Detention Without Trial (DWT) while undergoing gruesome physical torture aimed at extracting confessions. Safe houses provided an opportunity for the regime to disassociate itself from such a vice in the event the victims died or sued for damages. The global fight against terrorism was used as a cover to suppress internal political dissent. Security operatives used the leverage to even detain and torture for personal reasons i.e extortion, debt collection, business rivalry, power struggles, revenge etc.
Initially the regime denied that it was running any safe houses save for the main one at Kololo that houses the Joint Anti Terrorism Task Force (JATF). At one time it claimed to have closed down all such safe houses but the truth is that they continue to exist to this day. It’s only the police that had abandoned the use of safe houses after it established its official DWT and torture facility at the infamous Nalufenya. When it was recently cosmetically closed down, gullible Ugandans celebrated the “end of detention without trial and torture”.

With the ongoing crackdown on recently sacked Gen. Kalekyezi’s loyalists, ISO and CMI are taking the lead and Ugandans are once again cheering on without questioning or pondering to know where the so called suspects are held. Take the example of Movit proprietor, Simpson Birungi who was kidnapped and held by ISO at a safe house for 45 days. At one time they even arrogantly allowed his wife to visit him; which is a new development in the history of safe houses. I hope Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) picks interest and she leads them to the venue around Kyengera for inspection.
The family petitioned the High Court which issued an order for the Attorney General and DG/ISO to appear and explain the illegal detention of Simpson Birungi. The regime directed the two officials to just ignore the court order. Consequently, the same High Court further issued an order for the unconditional release of Simpson Birungi but was also ignored. It was at this stage that the Uganda Law Society appealed to the DPP to investigate “transgression of the law” by ISO and AG. ULS went further to threaten private prosecution of the two regime officials.

ULS very well knows, and if it didn’t know, the DG/ISO and AG could not ignore High Court orders without the approval of Museveni. Similarly, ISO could not have kidnapped and detained Simpson Birungi in a safe house for 45 days without the approval of Museveni. It is the same Museveni who has approved his release from detention and not ULS’ empty threats of commencing private prosecution. This also serves to show that even the recent raids on both the MTN servers and Lands office by ISO were fully approved by Museveni. The raiding of Parliament, raiding of courts to reverse court orders and the arrest and detention of M.Ps among other vices, must all be approved by Museveni.

Therefore, kidnappings and detention without trial (DWT) is no longer a secret but an official Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) by the regime security apparatus. The level of arrogance exhibited in allowing even the families of victims to visit them in Safe Houses serves to confirm that it is now an acceptable norm. Not all that are held in these safe houses are lucky enough to come out alive or without any physical scratch like Simpson Birungi. Can anyone still talk about constitutionalism and rule of law?
From detention in Safe Houses and military barracks to trial of civilians in military courts, and now the army granting bond to civilian victims of kidnap and illegal detention. Slowly but steadily, Museveni's military dictatorship is gaining acceptance.

change of guards

UGANDA: Museveni finally captures the prison services

Former MP Nsubuga Kipoi


Last week on 17th October, 2018 a high profile treason suspect and former M.P, Kipoi was picked from Luzira prison by Military Police claiming that he was to be produced in the High court Civil Division. On October 10, Justice Sekaana ordered government to produce Kipoi in court on October 17 as his court was scheduled to pronounce itself on an application where Kipoi wanted to block his trial in the military court saying that it's illegal since he is a civilian. Kipoi is charged in the General Court Martial with six UPDF soldiers for offences related to security

However, as the High court dismissed his application on Wednesday, Kipoi was nowhere to be seen, neither did Geoffrey Atwiine, a representative of the attorney general explain to court why the applicant was not produced in court. Frank Baine, the Uganda Prison Services spokesperson on Saturday confirmed that Kipoi was picked from Luzira prison by the Military Police.

"Kipoi was picked by soldiers from Military Police who presented to us a production warrant from the General Court Martial. You know the court has discretion on where he can be remanded since it is the one trying him... He was taken back to Makindye [military barracks] but was not returned to Luzira," said Baine.

Maj John Bizimana, the registrar of the General Court Martial said he does not know the latest development.

"For us, we remanded Kipoi to Luzira prison few months ago, and we know that he is in Luzira. May be if he was remanded somewhere else by another court but not on orders of the General Court Martial," said Bizimana. 

Kipoi's Lawyer has now confirmed that Kipoi is now detained at Makindye Military Barracks.
“It is very unfortunate because he was remanded to Luzira and not Makindye. Court has never ordered that he is returned to Makindye. Military detention of civilians is illegal and I wonder who gave the orders of transferring him to military prison."

In March this year, the army court ordered for Kipoi’s transfer from Luzira to Makindye over what was termed as security reasons following a request by the army’s prosecution team. In June, the General Court Martial in Makindye ordered for the transfer of the embattled legislator from Makindye military prison to Luzira after a habeas corpus application against the Attorney General, DPP, Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) and the commanding officer, Makindye Military barracks in the Civil Division of the High Court had been applied for by Kipoi’s lawyer, Maj. (Rtd) Ronald Iduuli.

This ugly development confirms that it is no longer safe even when an accused is in the hands of courts of law and prison services. The monstrous Museveni regime can still access such a prisoner and subject him to any form of physical harm. The regime has finally captured the Prison Services.

Two years ago we warned over the same in the article reproduced below;

Change of Guards

Wednesday, 13 July 2016 at 11:58 


In his new scheme to tighten his grip on power, Museveni has been carrying out schemes to to personalize the security forces. According to him, Uganda's security forces includes the Army, the police, the prison services and the Game Rangers. He started with the army by creating an officer corps that is loyal to his son Gen. Muhoozi who commands his elite SFG that is an army within an army. Its sole objective is to ensure Museveni's stay in power. Next was the police force whereby he deployed army officers to take over command and control as he militarised the entire police force while getting rid of the people from the northern region who as had been the case with the army had dominated the force.

With the top leadership of the police now in the hands of his people from the western region, the force is now the coercive branch of his regime. Its main objective is to instill fear into the population by brutally silencing any form of political dissent. Next was the wildlife services whereby military officers were deployed to the sector as game rangers received training from military academies. As a consequence, the carnage against wildlife - flora and fauna is alarming.

Well placed army officers are the leading traffickers and illegal dealers in prohibited wildlife trophies like ivory. Over one ton of ivory was the other day stolen from the government strong room by Col. Charles Tusiime but nothing could be done to him just because he is from Museveni's home and one of the 27 men who started the war. He had been posted to the sector as in charge of security and intelligence.

After realising that the prison services play a vital role in his schemes to of suppressing political dissent through arbitrary detentions and imprisonments, he is hatching a scheme to 'professionalize' it too. However as had been the case with the army and the police, the prison services are still dominated by personnel from the so called northern region which covers eastern and West Nile regions. During the last sham and violent general elections, thousands of prison warders were part of the terror machine that was unleashed on the population. They were also part of the joint security strategies for the so called election security.

Therefore, once he succeeds in making prison a branch of the regime, then it will be total chaos. Members of the security forces and intelligence services and top regime cadres will have signed detention warrants ready to arrest and send to prison anyone they feel like imprisoning without going through courts of law. They will have powers of getting anyone from prison at any time of the day or night for torture, and forced disappearances. They will have powers to shoot and kill any prisoner under the guise of preventing an escape.
Suspected criminals will be able to bribe their way out of prison through mysterious frequent escapes and jail breaks in connivance with 'professional' prison warders. In some cases, prisoners with good political and financial connections will be able to be escorted out of prison by warders so that they spend nights and weekends at their homes. Convicted prisoners will not serve their full period of imprisonment but will instead bribe their way out after a shorter period. Prisoners on remand will be able to influence investigations of their cases through bribery, threatening of witnesses and trial judges, and destruction of evidence with the connivance of 'professional' prison warders.

Above all, Museveni is planning to build more prison facilities in remote areas of the country including islands where he can hold political dissenters with less access to their friends, relatives and human rights organisations. He has the parliament, he has the top echelons of the Judiciary, he has the army, he has the DPP, he has the Police and intelligence services; will he fail to tame the prison services into being party of the coercive arm of his brutal regime! Soon the prison services will be hit by nepotism, abuse of office, brutality, ineficiency, corruption, Katebe, infighting and all sorts of evils that have characterised the other security forces and it will be disastrous. You can imagine members of the Prison Services were the other day incorporated into a security operation to evacuate Ugandans trapped in South Sudan!!!!!!


Museveni has finally secured unlimited access to detainees and the worst is in yet to come.

change of guards

UGANDA: Of fake private vehicle number plates used by Museveni's security goons


Gullible Ugandans are up in arms once again this time around over a civilian number plated PSV commuter taxi that was recently used by Museveni's security goons to brutally torture before kidnapping an opposition youth activist. Some volunteers have acquired and published the detailed particulars of the said privately owned Toyota Hiace taxi.

Around March 2018, Museveni's newly appointed police chief, Brig Sabiiti showed up at Parliament for vetting in a vehicle, which on closer scrutiny, turned out to be registered in the names of another person.

The Toyota Prado registration number UAT 511C, according to the URA records, belonged to Abdallah Trading Co Ltd, and was supposed to be Corolla Spacio.  The army was quick to make a clarification that the Land Cruiser, did not belong to Brig Sabiiti, but the Protocol Department of the army.

“Yesterday the Deputy IGP Brig Sabiiti Muzeeyi traveled to parliament in a vehicle with non-government number plates. The vehicle in question belongs to the Protocol Department and after the transition; he will be assigned an official police vehicle,” said the army spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire.

According to Karemire, the UPDF’s Protocol Department, because of security sensitivities, has a pool of cars, some of which have private number plates.
This, he says is to “execute tasks in support of our leaders and foreign guests.”

Given the nature of their work, some sections of the security apparatus and more so the intelligence community use vehicles with civilian number plates.

The registration of such cars is done with the help of the Central Registry of Motor vehicles under the customs department (URA).  In some cases they are just given number plates that are not attached to any particular type of car.

Such an arrangement is not restricted to motor vehicle numbed plates but to other facilities like unretricted security pass to the airport the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA),  SIM cards and private calls log printouts from telecommunications companies, diplomatic and expressly processed passports by the immigration department etc.

However, the privilege is more often abused by security agencies in commission of heinous crimes like outright smuggling, aiding of smugglers, kidnaps, robberies, blackmail and ransom.

Some times, the SIM cards from victims who are either in detention or have been made to disappear continue to be used by members of the security services.  In the case of vehicle number plates, they even use those that they pluck from recovered stollen vehicles and such vehicles that have been grounded for traffic offences or scrap following a road accident.

For the regime apologists, you just need to read the horrific narrative below;


The Observer
March 12, 2009

Abducted in 2006, Kiggundu was killed and his body burnt. His car was stolen, but a CMI ‘boss’ has been caught using its number plate.  Police are investigating clues that senior officers of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) may have murdered a taxi driver and stolen his vehicle.

A car registration number plate, UAG 865R, that belonged to the slain driver’s car was last week recovered from an army green Toyota Hilux pickup driven by an officer of the CMI.

The officer who Police declined to name, but The Weekly Observer learnt is Lt. Bertin Adibango, was interrogated at Kira Road Police Station after he was arrested at Market View Joint Restaurant and Takeaway on Semawata Road in Ntinda, a Kampala suburb.  Adibango was released after he told Police that the vehicle belonged to his “boss.”

The vehicle was still impounded at Kira Road Police Station in Kampala by the time The Weekly Observer went to press. Police identified the murdered driver as Robert Kiggundu. His car, a Toyota Corolla, has never been seen.

The Director of CID, John Okoth Ochola, described the case as “high profile” while officers at Kira Road Police station where it was reported said “it is too heavy to be handled by individual officers and the station because it involved officers from a sister security” organisation.

Relatives said Kiggundu was murdered on March 17, 2006 and his charred body was recovered on Malcolm  X Road in the upmarket Kololo area. His vehicle, a Toyota Corolla UAG 865R, has never been recovered. He was 28 at the time of his murder and was a special hire taxi driver outside Ntinda New Market from where his assailants picked him that fateful night.

The Weekly Observer has seen a URA vehicle registration log book dated September 8, 2005 that shows that number plate UAG 865R was for a vehicle whose first owner in Uganda was Fred Tamale, the late Kiggundu’s younger brother.

Tamale told The Weekly Observer that he bought the vehicle for Kiggundu and had not transferred its ownership to another person.  He said that he had reported the murder of his brother and the theft of the car to Police but gave up on the matter after Police made no headway.
“The important thing was the person and he had died…,” said Tamale in a resigned tone.

While Tamale may have given up, fate appeared to work in his favour. On Friday, February 27, 2009 an army green Toyota Hilux UAG 865R was seen parked at Market View Joint Restaurant and Takeaway at the junction of Ntinda-Nakawa Road and Semawata Road opposite New Market stage where Kiggundu used to operate from.

Adibango, the CMI officer who was driving it, is a regular at the restaurant.
Some people who knew the number plate alerted Police and the relatives of the deceased. These however, arrived after the vehicle had been driven away.

Last week, the vehicle returned to the same restaurant. This time Police swung into action as quickly as the legendary hunter whose trap was made out of banana fibres.

According to a source who witnessed the arrest, Police officers disarmed Adibango of his pistol, handcuffed and whisked him to Kira Road Police Station.

The Weekly Observer has been told that Lt. Adibango recorded a statement and was immediately released upon the intervention of his senior colleagues.  Alex Asiimwe, the DPC of Kira Road Police Station, was ambiguous when asked about Adibango.
“I don’t know whether he is with us,” he said.

Our Police sources however indicated that Adibango denied ownership of the vehicle. He is said to have told them that he borrowed it from his “boss” to use during the burial of a relative in Nebbi.

Adibango reportedly denied involvement in the murder of Kiggundu, saying he was working in Southern Sudan at the time it happened.  When this reporter asked the operator of the restaurant who Adibango is, the lady said she did know him but he was only “a regular customer.”

She later said that Adibango works with the CMI. “He [Adibango] is a senior person in CMI and that vehicle is used by senior people in CMI, like directors,” said the woman who refused to identify herself but sounded authoritative and knowledgeable.  She added: “Much as he was a big man in hierarchy, the vehicle belonged to CMI bosses.”

The lady later became enraged and warned this writer to stop asking her questions “if you want to avoid danger.”  She attempted to call somebody to arrest this reporter but the number she dialed wasn’t responding.

This lady has her own version of the story about Kiggundu’s death. Before she became angry with this reporter, she had said that Kiggundu was a robber who was killed during a failed robbery attempt. She claimed that CMI was deliberately using the number plate as a bait to arrest whoever claimed it to help in their investigations. She did not name the source of her information.

So sensitive is the case that officers who handled the case at Kira Road Police feared to comment on the matter or reveal their identity.  An officer who we later came to know as the OC/CID at the station only said: “The matter has been reported here but for more information go to Kibuli” [CID headquarters].

Another Police officer was honest about why he feared to be quoted. He said: “You want to attribute the story to me. No, no…I want my job. I don’t want to be fired.”

The DPC, Alex Asiimwe, spoke on the record but sounded contradictory. “What you are saying is different from what I know, if it was the same, I would have confirmed.” When confronted with facts, he however admitted that the case had been reported.
“We have forwarded the matter to headquarters; go and talk to [the Deputy Director CID Moses] Balimoyo.”

The CID Director, John Okoth Ochola, also declined to give details. “It is true we have taken over investigations of that case. It is being handled by our Homicide Department,” Ochola said on phone.
He declined to say which CMI “bosses” had been named. “It is too early for me to tell; the file has just been brought to me but leave the rest to us…” he said.

While “investigations” go on, The Weekly Observer has been told that there are some behind-the-scene talks between Kiggundu’s relatives and CMI to reach an amicable settlement.

Indeed when this reporter telephoned the late Kiggundu’s father, George William Mugerwa last week, he said he was at CMI offices waiting to meet an officer. He later told this writer that he had been at CMI offices “the whole day” but refused to say what they had discussed or agreed on. “Investigations are on-going and I am still reporting to Police,” is all that he said.

He also couldn’t reveal details of his talks with CMI and a possibility of out-of-court settlement of the case. “I can’t tell you much on phone. I have to meet you.”  Ochola however ruled out a possibility of an out of court/Police settlement of the case. “This is a criminal case of high profile [nature that cannot] be settled out of court,” he said.

We were unable to speak to James Mugira, the CMI chief, because his known mobile phone line was not accessible. A lady who answered the office line said he was not in office on Monday and Tuesday.

You just need to closely observe the way a particular vehicle's number plate is affixed i.e  using the one way screws which are not easily removed or the other easy to remove and return screws and nuts.


Sunday, 21 October 2018

UGANDA: Museveni's armed kidnappers - are they soldiers? (PHOTOS)


October 18, 2018 Thursday's gruesome incident in the city centre where five plain clothed and heavily armed men brutally beat up before kidnapping a one Yusuf Kawooya who is a top political activist of the youth wing (UYD) of the opposition DP is taking a new twist. Initially both the army and the police denied the involvement of their respective personnel. Police's Emiliano Kayima said;
"No, they are not Police Officers and we are looking for them."
Then the army's Col. Del Akiiki also denied the army's involvement but said efforts had been underway to unearth the perpetrators thus;
"We are following up that incident as security agencies."

The following day, on Friday the same army came out to claim that the perpetrators were its own men before issuing out an apology for their conduct. On the same day the same men were produced before the Unit Disciplinary Committee (UDC) of CMI where the committee Chairman was seen telling them that they had "executed an operation without following the standard operation procedure (SOP). They were charged with conduct prejudicial to good order contrary to provision of the UPDF Act. The charge carries a maximum sentence of dismissal from the army. Interestingly, the accused pleaded guilty and were convicted and in their mitigation, they said:
"....we went for an operation on 19th October, 2018, we got a suspect though he was violent and we mishandled him. Yes, we were working under instructions."

The UDC did not pass sentence because it has to consult Museveni first. Also, this was not a court trial but a move meant to hoodwink the irritated public. Suspiciously, the full identities of the accused; service number, mother unit, rank, names in full, age, etc were not disclosed. It is only the vague information that "they are Cpl. Ssenkunga Dan, Rwamwenge Moses, and Omara." Who are the other two? It is a practice for any soldier who appears before a military court to be dressed in army uniform. Even the uninformed ISO operatives when appearing before a military court are dressed in army uniform.  It is only the rebellious Gen. Ssejusa who appeared before the Court Martial in civilian clothes simply because he claims to have left the army.

Why are these five accused not dressed in military uniform? Even when a soldier is arrested without putting on military uniform, he is made to dress in one even if it is oversize before he appears before any military tribunal. Gen. Kalekyezi's recent shabbily dressed court appearance is a classic example. Their body language and tone before the UDC suggest either half baked soldiers or members of the police or any other paramilitary group.

The little known CMI's Col. Tom Kabuye who chaired the disciplinary committee is a veteran of the Luwero Bush War. He was seriously wounded and remained with a paralysed right hand and leg. For some years he was the Intelligence Officer for the army General Headquarters until in the early 1990s when he was involved in abuse of office by way of aiding 'supply of air' together with among others now Brig. Sam Nakuru who had been the Administrative Officer. The matter was swept under the carpet and then Capt. Tom Kabuye was grounded at the then DMI headquarters. His being married to a Munyarwanda Nurse who worked in the military hospital caused him a lot of trouble during the reign of Gen. Tumukunde as CMI. Since Baganda have no top space in Museveni's intelligence machinery, since then he has continued to linger around CMI without being involved in mainstream intelligence handling but simple administrative functions of support staff. He is only being dragged into presiding over this particular illegal and repressive act by the so called UDC.

Actually, CMI being a mere department of the army under General Headquarters, it can not constitute a UDC. Even its own personnel have always been taken before the UDC of the army General Headquarters (GHQS). The case in point is of a one Capt. Godfrey Barigye of CMI who was recently charged before the GHQS UDC for theft of gold before the matter was referred to the General Court Martial. This is the second time that CMI was convening a UDC and the move is designed to cover-up some mischief.

Museveni's so called CMI UDC was born around December 2017 when it summarily convicted six junior officers from different army units including the SFC which has its own UDC; for leaking classified information and they were sentenced to two months’ imprisonment. They had been accused of conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline. It was alleged that they had used social media to download and share classified military documents referred to as General Administrative Order (GAO) that contained instructions and names of promoted officers. Being the lowest level of military tribunal, the UDC is mandated to try personnel who belong to that particular mother Unit. For some reason the six officers were irregularly tried by the UDC of CMI instead of their mother units and more so from where the alleged crime was committed.

A precedent was set and now these 5 brutal strangers are appearing before the UDC just to hoodwink the public. The offence of conduct prejudicial to good order applies to minor service offences and misconduct that can be addressed administratively. For armed men who brutally torture, attempt to kill and eventually kidnap a civilian from the city centre in broad daylight; to be arraigned before a disciplinary committee is simply playing on the intelligence of Ugandans. Is the UDC a military court martial? Does it have jurisdiction to try capital offences like attempted murder, torture and kidnap? These accused were instructed to plead guilty in return for a lighter sentence and don't be surprised if they are given a few months imprisonment. That way the army intended to avoid a full trial that would disclose the real identities of the accused, the mission they had been assigned and by who, the reason for torturing and kidnapping the victim and the reason behind etc.

One of the kidnappers held a Macro Garil assault riffle which is a preserve of Museveni's special units like SFC and other killer squads. There is a concerted effort to conceal some vital information while at the same time face lifting the regime. Before that doze sends you into the usual sleep, Ugandans should at least demand for Yusuf Kawooya to be produced before court. Please, Counsel Nicholas Opio and all those who care, let us not be derailed by Museveni's UDC gymnastics but focus of timely securing the victim, Yusuf Kawooya.

change of guards