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UGANDA: Understanding Gen. Kasirye's licence to shoot


Gen (Rtd) Kasirye Gwanga was a Corporal in the Uganda Army (UA) at the time Iddi Amin was ousted in 1979. Gwanda was among the thousands of former UA soldiers who were incarcerated by the victorious Tanzanian and Ugandan exiles armies. Most of the detained forner UA soldiers attributed their humiliating and inhumane mistreatment to Museveni who was the then Minister of Defence under UNLF. When they were freed in early 1980s, Museveni had already taken to the bush for his Bush War. He badly needed the services of these same former UA soldiers.

When Iddi Amin was ousted in 1979, his soldiers who hailed from West Nile region withdrew to their home and eventuality fled to Congo and Sudan. Those from other regions simply hid in their homes while some were tricked into surrendering to the Tanzanian and exiles armies. This last category endured the wrath of Museveni and his backers. A few found their way to Museveni's Bush War - the likes of Tadeo Kanyankole, Italikire Kiiza, Mzee Barihona, Ahmed Kashilingi and a couple of others.

Eventually many detained former UA soldiers were released (including Corporal Kasirye Gwanga) but they shunned Museveni's NRA and instead joined Andrew Kayiira's UFM. That's how even a Munyarwanda, Stephen Ndugutse alias Kalisoliso ended up with Kayiira's UFM instead of Museveni's Banyarwanda infested NRA. When the UFM was dispersed, Kasirye Gwanga did not join the NRA but simply maintained his earlier secret contact with the NRA. It was until around late 1985 when the NRA took control of Mityana that Kasirye Gwanga who had now mobilised a few former UFM fighters surrendered to NRA's John Kazoora.

At the time of NRA's capture of Kampala, Kasirye Gwanga was under the artillery unit that was shelling Kampala from Mutundwe Hill. Kasirye Gwanga came to prominence when he betrayed the Baganda/UFM attempted coup that saw Andrew Kayiira, some Baganda politicians and army officers detained over treason. Unknown to the plotters, Kasirye Gwanga and Drago had been feeding the then Brigade Commander Central Region, Gen. Ssejusa with details of the plot up to the time they were rounded up in Colline Hotel, Mukono. The treason trial failed because the judiciary was still sound but a few days after Kayiira was released, he was assassinated. The UFM and Baganda military agitation was buried together with Andrew Kayiira.

Since then Kasirye Gwanga never got any deployment in command positions despite the advanced military training and promotions. The only serious position he held was Director of Barracks and Stores (housing, accommodation, home appliances) under the Chief of Logistics and Engineering (CLE). At one time he headed local government in Mubende as L.C 5. He thrived on handouts from individuals in State House, CMI and the office of CDF.

Gwanga renewed his loyalty in the early 2000 at the height of the Rwanda/Uganda sour relations. He reported and kept CMI's Brig. Mayombo informed about everything that Rwanda's then spy chief, Col. Karegeya and the exiled renegade Uganda army officers would confide in him. That is how Museveni brought Gwanga on board as a Senior Presidential Advisor on Buganda. At one time, Gwanga retired from the Amy but when the tough got going he rejoined. Even his recent so called retirement is meaningless because his status never changed. What was his role in military service that he retired from?? It was just a reprimand for having shot and burnt a landgrabber's grader. For Mueeveni, Kasirye had set a bad precedent that could be adopted by other citizens to save their land. Gwanda is still armed and commanding his squad of army bodyguards, he is earning from Public Service and thriving on handouts from the army and State House.

Kasirye Gwanga has the license to shoot, maim, destroy, and kill just because he is used by Museveni to hoodwink the Baganda into thinking that they also have their own in the regime's top security hierarchy. Museveni is very much aware that Kasirye Gwanga has never had any ideological commitment to Museveni's regime but is just a symbolic opportunistic Muganda army General driven by survival instincts.

"Police yesterday registered the ninth case against Maj Gen Kasirye Ggwanga in the last 10 years of his shooting impunity but none has ever been investigated to conclusion."
Daily Monitor - 31/1/2019.

You now know the reason.


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