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UGANDA: Is exiled Col. Mande a member of @HeBobiWine's #PeoplePower???


CHANGE OF GUARDS - Col. Mande is one of Museveni's top Bush War heroes who fell out with him around the mid 1990s.  He was incarcerated before he fled to Rwanda from where he was allegedly linked to the shadowy PRA rebel group.  He was relocated to Sweden as a refugee following Museveni and Kagame peace talks mediated by British Foreign Secretary, Claire Short.  Since then Col. Samson Mande has lived and continues to live in Sweden.

However, from the Facebook page of a one Sam Mande, the following information was publicly shared on 3rd February 2019.

Sam Mande
The 48 laws of people power;
People power Conceal your Intentions from NRM0 and the like
Keep NRM0 off-balance and in the dark by never revealing the purpose behind your actions.
If the enemies have no clue what you are up to, they cannot prepare a defense.
Guide them far enough down the wrong path, envelope them in enough smoke, and by the time they realize your intentions, it will be too late.
Read :
The 48 Laws of Power
by Robert Greene and Joost Elffers.
I read it from Makindye prison in 1996 where I was dumped on false treason and terrorism charges.
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Muhangi Hillary Karamaare and 50 others

Sam Mande
Nabbi Joseph Kizito that is what you think and that's your opinion and judgement to which your entitled. But what you think and what I know is 100% different. I appreciate the fact that what you know about PEOPLE POWER OUR POWER is very little because we have not said or done much . I would like you to desist from collective condemnation against BAGANDA . I assume that you are also a MUGANDA and wonder if you are saying that you are a traitor by association. If you are how then do you think I and many thinking people should take advice from a traitor?!!! If people have been playing movies take it from me that PEOPLE POWER OUR POWER is real peoples' national movement and not just your usual movies and watch this space. I know the power the people you have conveniently chosen to call genetic professional traders they are fathers, mothers, grandpas, brothers,sisters friends, in laws, relatives, in laws , friends and opinion leaders of the youths who form the 80% of the population of Uganda. I also know how complacent and dishonest most of the intellectual class are. I want to assure you that even God is always not on the side of those with big battalions and fat accounts but on the side of the downtrodden oppressed people of his. He is listening to their prayers. . We shall win . Its a question of time.
Bobi Wine Kyagulanyi Sentamu Drew Ddembe Omar Kalinge-Nnyago Mayanja Fazir Zubair Jnr Annet Kaczynski
Elizabeth Odoa
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Yesterday at 6:18 PM

Nabbi Joseph Kizito replied · 2 replies
Dan Morris Tumusiime
But he just revealed everything. Unless he is doing activities that need to be concealed...hahahah
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Yesterday at 2:32 PM

Dan Morris... replied · See all 2 replies
Obed Katsigaire
When ever I see what you follow of late, I get a very big disappointment in you bwana Sam Mande . You seem not to have learnt enough of those who got excited with JPAM. Anyway, let's watch this space
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Obed Katsigaire replied · 2 replies
Jakech Boris Rwothomio Jakborsondox
Then there is the art of seduction by Robert Greene too
He is top notch ndugu
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Arthur Byabashaija
This is one of my best book ever!
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Wisdom Wisdom
You're the best bro
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Maliza Atuheire
Thanks for the recommendation Sam Mande
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Yesterday at 3:05 PM

Nabbi Joseph Kizito
Haaaaaa× one million! Good advice! However, no-no-noooooo- no secret is a secreeeeeeet, if in the camp, there's a human-being NAMED A MUGANDA!!!!!!!
Why? Baganda are genetically TRAITORS by TRADE, not only that, but PROUD of the transactions!!!!
Your counsel can be effective if professional traders are not at high command department!
Iam not part of his revolution got ours before him, but l already KNOW what is up to so is the government!
General Monday, think about this, 40% of Ugandans in the USA are NRM Party members and well organized, l mean well organized, and the funny part 29% of the 40% are the genetic professional- traders.
Therefore, Mukulu that's why, l always say that it will take ONLY the hand of GOD to remove President Museveni!
All the moves Honorable Kyagulanyi is doing at the international level, that movie has been seen before and we know how it ended!
Dr. Besigye has played that movie before, so my brother -General, l know you're doing your best, but understand the mindset of Ugandans, especially, the genetic traders who so far have injected in the tribal race card, which is committing suicide to the revolution! Because, that's the only card that unifies all regions of Uganda against it or him!
But, you shouldn't loose faith because, many revolutionaries before him are still doing their thing without focusing on him nor afraid him.
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Dan Morris Tumusiime
But he just revealed everything. Unless he is doing activities that need to be concealed...hahahah
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Yesterday at 2:32 PM

Sam Mande
Dan Morris Tumusiime not yet.
PEOPLE POWER OUR POWER is yet to reveal.
If you think you know I pity you
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