Thursday, 5 September 2019

UGANDA: Why the Museveni regime would nail its own "supporter"


"...If you go and put your finger in the anus of a leopard. You are in trouble, you are in trouble. Ho! Ho! I can't believe how people could do so. NRM?, you attack NRM people in Uganda here?! If it is in South Sudan or Kenya, yes we may have some problems. But in Uganda here?! Where do you go? Where do you go?! So there will be no problem here. Those people made a big mistake, those individuals and those children are going to regret. And whoever sent them will also regret if we come with evidence we shall go for him or her - the one who said ‘you go and beat them."
Museveni; reacting to the clash in Ntungamo - December, 2015.

Ever since Museveni was declared President by his Electoral Commission in February 2016, his regime has continued to face stiff opposition and dissent from activists and the general public. The new kid on the opposition block is the youthful Musician turned politician, Hon. Kyagulanyi a.k.a Bobi Wine and his People Power political platform. With its majority youthful following, People Power is standing in the way for Museveni's scheme to have his son inherit the presidency. The biggest threat lies in People Power's close links with veteran oil opposition leader, Dr. Besigye's People's Government. Museveni's continued blackmail and outright intimidation has not made headway in containing the growth of People Power. It is in this regard that Museveni recently blamed his lieutenants for failure to counter People Power's activism.

Hardly a week after Hon. Kyagulanyi made a public declaration of his intention to run for the presidency at the next polls, Museveni reacted by declaring his intention to stick to power until Africa is 'liberated'. A week later, on August 28, 2019, a 21 years old Baker Kasumba reported to a local police post with his both palms nailed together with a Museveni regime party's yellow beret (see photo). He went ahead to claim that he had been waylaid by unidentified people who were donning a People Power red beret who nailed him after they accused him of supporting Museveni. That the assailants fled upon seeing some women who raised an alarm. He went further to claim that three days earlier, on August 25th he had been approached by a stranger who warned him against his continued support for Museveni.

He was rushed to Mulago Hospital and the incident was widely publicized. Different quarters of the top regime leadership were quick to issue uncoordinated statements linking the incident to the alleged intolerance by the opposition activism and in particular the People Power platform. Both the regime police and the figurehead Secretary General jumped into the fray of condemning the opposition. They transferred the victim from the National Hospital to an undisclosed medical facility citing discovery of a plot to harm him.

Given the trend of violent crime that has hit the city in recent times, it is unlikely that the so called attackers to have fled without further harming their victim at a mere sight of unarmed women. But more so, why did they opt to just nail the palms when they could have pushed the nail into the skull?To drive their message home, why would such evil minded assailants fail to get a more high profile regime supporter instead of the insignificant 21 years old unknown Baker Kasumba?

Therefore, it is highly probable that the nailing of Baker Kasumba was a scheme orchestrated by cohorts in order to induce a tough stand from Museveni against the People Power activism as had been the case in December 2015. In this regard, Baker Kasumba may not have necessarily been involved in the conspiracy. Regime cohorts could pounce on any of its unsuspecting supporters and inflict such evil before affording such action the necessary publicity. However, in the instant case, circumstantial evidence points to the victim, Baker Kasumba having fully conspired.

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